Is this legal?

Crossmark sends you out on 15 or 30-minute tickets on many occasions. With them, you are not an independent contractor. They direct deposit with taxes taken out. You are a part-time employee. The tickets are loaded on an app on the tablet.You get paid for the minutes basically. So you go to a location and make $3.00 for that. If a company is sending you out to a location to perform a task, are they required to pay you minimum wage or whatever your hourly is for that task upon the fact that they say you were hired at $12,00 per hour? I cant see carving out my whole day for a $3.00 pay for 3 projects that you have to drive back and forth to.

If you work for a company in an office and your boss tells you to write a letter and it takes 10 minutes and the rest of the hour there are no tasks and you're sitting around for the next hour waiting for your boss to tell you what to do you are paid for the hour by law you have to get paid.

So if you are an hourly employee in a location, for example, I would believe they have to pay you to work 4 hours per day - and are paid for 4 hours. They cant say we will only pay you for the minutes it takes to do the work if it did not take the minimum pay hour requirement in your state.

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It sounds legal, but like a very poor deal for the employee. You are not required to work for them.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
If I am reading things correctly, this is an age discrimination suit...

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Can't view it without registering, but it doesn't sound right to me. I am a merchandiser (employee) for Advantage Solutions and I get paid by the hour. If the job says it's going to take 2 hours and it takes 3 hours and 10 minutes, I get paid for 3.hours and 10 minutes.
It's slimy. Employers don't have to pay you for transportation time to and from work, only for the time you are at work. When you have a bunch of fifteen minute jobs, they only really have to pay you for the time you are at the jobs - even though you spend most of your day going from one site to another. It's something I would simply avoid.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
My company pays drive time and mileage for driving in between locations. I generally don't get assignments like that, though, they usually schedule me one location for 6-8 hours. If I have a bunch of small jobs on the same day, I do get paid from location to location, just not from home to the first location or back home from the last. I do get the flexibility of deciding which location to visit first, so that can work out fine when the first location is only 2 miles away and the last one is not far as well. But like I said, it seldom happens that I am scheduled for more than one job on a single day.
It sounds like you have a decent company. smiling smiley

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Hmmm, sometimes...I certainly couldn't depend on this for an income because I probably only work 100 days out of the year for them. But, I get to go on vacation whenever I want and if I don't want a job, I tell my supervisor and it gets removed. They are terrible with communication, though, but I am a really squeaky wheel so I generally get what I want. I just hate having to send repeated emails, texts, and phone calls to my supervisor to get things done. The good part about that is that I can bill them for administrative time for that smiling smiley but it still is a PITA.
Crossmark pays drive time and mileage between stores, like most other merchandising companies. I don't understand the complaint? Does the OP want a 4 hr minimum per location?

Good luck with that lol
Crossmark pays drive time and mileage between stores. They do, however and unfortunately, have many 15 minute per store jobs. But if it takes more than 15 minutes you also report the actual time when you're reporting that shop. They pay to and from your first and last stores if it's over like an hour each. They have more work in Walmart's than anywhere else. When working for them it can take you more than 15 minutes to sign in and out of the Walmart vendor log. New people get the very short end of the work stick. Sign up with apps that have work in Walmarts so you can double, triple, quadruple dip.
Where I live, the area manager also works the stores. He has the cheese and wine shops and everyone else gets the crackers.
Haven't worked for them since I had pneumonia which I was lucky to get sent to the Hospital for because I needed a 4-way bypass.
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