Customer Impact Merchandising Shops - New Partner

Customer Impact is happy to announce a new partner we'll be merchandising for in the Healthcare industry. This program will involve multiple visits each year replenishing brochures in the exam rooms of doctor's offices.

This is perfect for folks with flexibility in mornings/afternoons during the work week. This customer has offices nationwide. All materials (except a small number of sites) will be shipped to the office. The merchandiser simply needs to call the office and confirm the appointment to service, and show up to service the office during the service call window.

You MUST have an iPhone or Android Smartphone because you will use an App called GoSpotCheck to gather the data and verify the visit.

If you are interested in joining this new merchandising team and becoming part of this program, please email the 2 lead Project Managers on this program, Valerie Scott & Jade Labrado

The first large run begins in August and we are currently seeking candidates! Please email them with your interest in the program, are of the country you reside, and any experience you may have in merchandising or audits/work in doctor's offices.

Have a great day!

Daniel Price
VP Operations
Customer Impact, LLC.

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I have actually done these with varying companies in the past, the brochures and the posters. I will email and I hope Customer Impact gets the contract for all of the ones I was doing before they changed companies and kept changing. Thanks so much for the post!
There's only two in my area and one that is quite a distance, unfortunately. It seems like there is someone else in my area that has priority with this company since I've only received the leftovers. I suppose that is how I would handle things also, have a person that gets the bulk of the work but keep another just in case. I'd rather be the number one person. I'm always excited and hopeful when this company has shops though.
This has be a very hard asisment for me . any one lese having any trouble. I call the doctor offfices before hand to be told it fine to come anytime but when I do so they say they are busy come another day. One trip takes two hours to go there. They Go Spot does not load my done sjhop correclty . Are you friends have any trouble with the.
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