The next step up for Merchandisers?

Now as Merchandisers we all know the job, go from site A, to B. Stock it up, fix it, refit it, ect, Rinse repeat.

Now for those of us looking at this as a carrier path (dangerous words). Going up seems to mean going into an office, which depending on your demeanour could be a fate worse than death.

Here is the thing I see (and have been contacted) to be a Field Service Rep, or a Field Service Tech. I have a bit of a techie background. Generally the money seems better to be either position vs merchandiser, but draws on many of the skills you develop as a Merchandiser.

Call me curious as what other Merchandisers think, or am I the only one to see this as a way to go up the food chain without reporting into an office and 9-5?

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I have never applied or done service tech jobs. In my area when ever I was contacted about the job the pay wasn't that much more then merchandising jobs. And you had to be on call either 24 hours a day 7 days a week or on call from like 7 AM to Midnight 7 days a week and when you got the call you only had so long to get there and fix the problem. This was in addition to the regular day time hours that you were assigned to service machines or whatever it is you are hired to do. And the companies did not offer any benefits or a steeping stone to a management postion.
Just to clear things up, I mean FSR or an FST as a permanent job, not as an IC.

Generally a Merchandiser in my area earns $15 an hour, with a +/- of $2.50.

While a FSR or FST earns north of $20 even on a bad day.
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