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I just re-enable my old account again (first time in many years). I did a search in 5 different, highly populated states. No job results. Is it just me?

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Nope, not you...The theatrical checking as well as merchandising is returning sporadically. We have some regular ad checks, but they are regional. If you recall, our assignments usually come in last minute and have a very limited window for completion - for best results, give us a check on Wednesday/Thursday. We still notify our field force via email when new assignments are added, feel free add us to your approved sender list so you don't miss our notifications!

And if you aren't already, be sure and sign-up with our parent portal ( Some of the regular "theatre" assignments were moved into that system over the last couple of years. Glad to have you backsmiling smiley
I haven't logged into the site for years either and I'm not able to login even when selecting "forgot password". Thank you for this post I was hoping there were new and exciting payable options on their site, but it appears that is not the case. I appreciate this topic, thank you.
@bjones4583 - I don't check this site every day, but if you want to DM me with your shopper ID or email, I can take a look and see what's going on.
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