Interesting section Jacob!

I remember a number of years ago you expressed that you had an interest in this forum becoming a meeting place for all in the Mystery Shopping industry to discuss industry issues. I don't remember whether that was a post or a PM in response to a question.

You are the owner/proprietor of this forum. What is it that you see it as being and would like to see it become?

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Good question!

First of all, I want the forum to be primarily for mystery shoppers. I want it to be a safe place for mystery shoppers to communicate with one another. I want it to provide a bit of a "check" against the power that companies wield over individual shoppers. I want it to help shoppers have a stronger voice in the industry, and to give them some leverage over companies when necessary, especially if those companies are actually misbehaving.

This doesn't mean that companies and their reps should be excluded. They are partners in the industry, and should be treated with respect.

Additionally, I want the forum to be a place that new mystery shoppers can feel welcome and supported. Many shoppers got their start on the forum. I'd love for the forum to continue to be a valuable resource for new shoppers.

These are my basic thoughts. I'm pretty tired right now, so I'm sure I'm missing something.

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Thank you for your hard work and foresight. You have and continue to do excellent work! Without this forum and all it has to offer, I'm not so sure that I would still be shopping. When I began shopping a year or so ago, I had not yet found this forum. I was blundering through the process, not having a clue as to how to go about becoming successful in this industry. I spent a great deal of time reading and signing up with every company on the list. I have learned so much and I sincerely thank you for all that you do.

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Here is a note of thanks for what I know of this site so far, as a newbie in this forum:

~ I love that we can participate as time/inclination permit.
~ I love that some people here are hysterically funny.
~ I love that this site is a shopper's education resource.
~ I love that we can express diverse viewpoints here.
~ I love that there is more to this forum for me to discover in future.


p.s. Thanks also to Flash for starting this thread!

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