EPMS Problem(s), ...and it gets worse....

I have no issues with this company, they have very well paying jobs, but I must agree..whoever answers there phones could use a lesson or two on customer service.

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I have a small solution to some folks that are sensitive to the perceived rudeness of agents of any company that answer the phone: ask for either another person or maybe a manager, perhaps?
Actually, I think there is validity to something each person expressed an opinion about. I have done about 20 shops, some video,some not,for EPMS over the last six months or so. It seems that many shops go really smooth. You reach your target, set up an appointment, do the shop and evaluation, and it's over with. Everybody is happy. And I've never had any kicked back. But, when it is difficult to reach my target then things start to unravel little bit. When I can not reach my target in two days of trying it seems like I am put in an adversarial, defensive position when I update the shop. Sometimes they have allowed me to just ask for the target but there also have been others where they just jerked the shop away. And what is almost as bad is when you make the appointment with your target and for some reason they have switched agents, guess who gets tagged with the cardinal sin of not shopping the right target. Sometimes, after a couple of bad ones in a row I swear I won't do any more. And, I don't for a while. However, when I look at the pay and know how easy they can be done and, I enjoy role-playing, I can be drawn back into the fire. And, more than likely the next ones will go fine. One thing I will have to totally agree with is they are not the most pleasant people to deal with. I've never had anyone that answered the telephone there answer with anything that even approaches a friendly greeting. Both their verbal and e-mail conversations are terse and unpleasant. And so goes it from my point of view.

Oh, one quick thing I also do agree with. Robert Asher is certainly the exception, and does not fit the pattern. He has been friendly and easy to work with.
I guess I've gotten lucky with my schedulers in Chicago and Palm Beach County, FL. They've never yanked a shop from me for not being able to reach the target and have willingly extended the deadline. I'm working on right now that, not only am I having difficulty reaching the target, but the last three times I called the office couldn't even get a live person. So, we'll see how this one goes.
I'd love to have an opinion on EPMS but they STILL have me locked out from the gate. I think their IT department is a moonlighting CompUSA sales clerk with a cell phone.
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