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I have a question on the date. I am doing Scenerio A. The training says to make sure you do it on the specific day specified. My shop says do it no earlier than April 2 and no later than April 9. Can I do it on Saturday, April 7 or do I have to do it on April 9?

I just wanted to make sure. I would appreciate the help.

Oh! and any hints or tips on this shop would be appreciated!

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Yes any day between those dates (Apr 2-9).

TIPS: make sure your box is 18 oz or more ( 1 lb 2 oz). Don't guess. I did that once and one of my boxes was just shy of the minimum weight.

Also, verify the zone is ourside your zip code. It has to go zone 1 or more. Not zone 0.

Pay attention to the customer in front of you in line (male or female). On the first PO shop I did I really had to think about it when I was filling out my paperwork. I completely forgot about observing that.

These are great shops! Good luck!
Make sure you use the Zone chart before you decide where to send your package. Many bigger cities have several zip codes, but they are all handled within the same zone and thus are not eligible.

Punch in your own and your recipient's zip code on this page and it will tell you the zone. Be advised they only reimburse up to Zone 4.

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