Is Caliber a scam?

I've now signed up for two different versions of this site and they NEVER have shops! I mean they don't show any on a country wide search even.

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If you'd just search this forum, you'd find feedback on Caliber. My question to you is - if you haven't researched a mystery company, why would you sign up with it?

BTW, Caliber has multiple clients, and I perform their shops on a regular basis.
I have never seen any either, had to move them to my "No work" folder and then I quit checking
I shop for them on and off - I think it certain parts of the country they have a regular shop; in others it's an occasional project.

They do have regular jobs but regular shoppers as well. I sign up every month for the same jobs and never get them. I did 2 or 3 total for them all last year. This year nothing.

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I think they are pretty regional in nature. It's understandable if you are unable to find shops. It's that way for me for LOTS of companies I've signed up for!

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I do a few shops for them every year and I am only sorry there are not more assignments near me.

I know I have signed up with companies and never seen a thing, then one day I will get an email and they have a new client in my area. Sometimes, an MSC will lose the only client that was in my area. Sometimes they grow, hire a scheduling company to keep up and the scheduler has shoppers they routinely use.

There are oodles of reasons not to see anything in your area for a company. Just keep signing up, making bookmarks and folders. In the long run, it will pay off.
Caliber is quite legit. I shop for them, taking shops when I know I will be in a particular area anyway. They are not difficult shops, but they don't pay very well (IMHO). The form they use is a PITA.

A lot of companies don't have jobs in this area. Doesn't mean they are scams!
If you have a college or old teenage child, they have a shop that will interest you. They also do a supermarket, as well as other clients.
I signed up on the first site becaue I think my sister sent it to me and the second because it was on jobslinger. hat usually means it's ok but I was wondering if they just try to get e-mails or something. Because they never have jobs.

What i was confused about is if I do a countrywide search on both sites then nothing shows up. I don't think I've seen a shop site that has nothing on a countrywide search. That was what was confusing to me. It sounds like they do have though so I'll just wait for something to pop up in my area someday.
I have done a nice amount of shops for them .. And they are always the 1st to pay!! They are GREAT.. This is the link I used sign up!! smiling smiley

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They are good to work for. Regular jobs in my area. Pay quickly too.

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I do them weekly, at least 5 sometimes up to 15 shops. Love them; top notch company that always pays on or before the 15th like clockwork.
Wouldn't mind doing shops for them - but the scheduler never assigns me any! I think she has her favorites for this MSC and these particular shops.

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r@inyDayZ3 Wrote:
> Wouldn't mind doing shops for them - but the
> scheduler never assigns me any! I think she has
> her favorites for this MSC and these particular
> shops.

Same with me r@iny. I apply every month for the jobs but they always toto someone else.

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Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just forget to load the film.
I did 2 shops for them last week. I have 3 shops for them scheduled for tomorrow. I think a lot of the companies won't show jobs, even on a nationwide search, unless they have something in your targeted area. Believe me, I've signed up with tons of companies that don't show ANY jobs in the entire U.S. I am always frustrated when this happens!
Hi guys, I just noticed this thread and thought that I would clear up a couple of things about the Caliber system.

You can't actually search their job board - there isn't really a job board, as such. The system creates "opportunities" for you based on the mile radius you put in your shopper profile, and what is open in your area. For example, if you live in Nashville and put that you want to see all shops within 5 miles, you might miss a shop that is posted for Murfreesboro because it's more than 5 miles away.

You can get around this if you want to check shops in other areas, if you travel or are going on vacation or something like that. The only way you can do it is to change your zip code in your profile, wait about an hour for the system to sync, and then see if anything shows up when you log in. Likewise, if you are a new shopper and you register, you won't immediately see anything, but once the system syncs (usually within a few minutes, but let's call it an hour on the outside), the system will show you what's available.

Many of the projects that are assigned on the Caliber system are assigned by computer and not by a real person. The membership warehouse shops are like this. The shops get posted, shoppers apply, and then their system auto assigns them based on a very complex formula that I don't even fully understand. If you're a shopper who really wants a shop, email the scheduler once you see them posted and ask for it. I know if it's me, I'll go in and assign the shop to that shopper before the auto assign script runs to give that shopper a shot at future shops (since shop rating is part of that formula). You have to email when you see the post though, since the auto assign script usually is set to run 24 hours after the posting - last month it started running right away due to a system glitch though. sad smiley

Hope this helps!

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I do 1-2 shops for Caliber monthly and they pay timely. I love them. Their reports are easy to write - very little narratives needed for the warehouse shops.

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