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Being a newbie well, I did a little for Quest for Best 10 years ago and all was handled by mail I, am wondering if all companies now require to us the net(cyper shop reports,ect.) and do they tell you which to use. It seems as tho you would use a lot of ink and paper to print out reports and then use the net to send them in. Any info appreciated. Jerry.

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I have only done this online. I did use a lot of ink and paper at first. It takes time to learn what can be read on the screen and what I need to print and take with me. If you use your fast economical print setting and print 2 pages per sheet it will save you some. I also use ink refills on my cartridge. I can only refill about 3 times before I have to buy a new one. I also invested in a scanner which has saved me much money in postage for receipts.

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I saw somewhere in here that if you just make notes of what you need to do for the shop on a word processor and print that it might help you with the printing problem. I know that when I started shopping I went through a lot of ink, I used this tip on my last 3 shops and it is easier and I know what I need to do without a lot of wasted papaer and ink.

I learned I could save a lot of printer ink and paper if I copied and pasted it in a Microsoft Word file. I only print out the cheat sheet forms that the companies offer, and the receipt pages. I put them in a separate microsoft word file that goes to the company.
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