CRI - Gas Station Test

What am I doing wrong???? I have taken this test over and over and still can't pass I am far from being dumb and generally pass every test for shopping on the first try. I have watched the video twice, and still can't pass it. Anyone else having this problem? I notice those jobs sit on the boards forever and I can't help but wonder if nobody can pass the test.
Anyone else having this problem? Suggestions???

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It wasn't a gas test but I had a problem with a test and notified my scheduler. I knew I was giving the right answers but the test kept telling me there was 1 wrong. She emailed me back the next day and said there was a "format" issue and I had passed the test.
So in answer to your question: Notify your scheduler.

They make some of these tests like it's "rocket science" I was thinking of doing a couple fast food shops and the tests were "ZOWIE"!! I passed them finally then began to look at the after shop questionaire and it was 26 pages long....I kid you not...26pages long. Needless to say for $4 I am not doing these fast food shops!!
This is the same company I get emails from with a list of shops a mile long. And they wonder why they can't get their shops done...Boggles the mind!! LOL!!
Thanks for the suggestion! I followed your advice and the scheduler actually checked my answers and then sent me the correct answer for the one I had wrong. Now I'll see if this was worth all my effort..I'm going to sign up for a couple.
Thanks Again!!
Oh, that was the problem? haha, i just did randomly 800 times till I got it right. I didn't bother contacting anyone because the schedulers are pretty darn bad at communication.
You took a test 800times Amanda?
My schedulers are pretty good communicating by email. I've never called one on the phone but I have no problem contacting them by email if there is something amiss.
I actually had two schedulers respond.....both very pleasant and helpful. Couldn't ask for more.
Mine have always been right on too Tori.

I've had a couple call me about upcoming assignments and have found them to be really nice and friendly.
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