What to do with scams sent to your email address?

First of all, any scams that want you to cash a check and sent Western Union or money gram. Valid Mystery shopping websites don't ask you to cash a large check for them and then send it by a money gram or western union. It just doesn't happen.

Also, when you receive a notice from a valid mystery shopping company that you are contracted for. Put their website in your browser bar and then log in. Do not use the link in the Email. Occasionally, con artist make a fake website. Then if you click on the link in the email. Look at your browser to see if it is the correct website. More than likely it is not. Like the fake paypal sites well conartist are doing this with Mystery shopping sites. It is better to type the URL your self in the web browser or when you sign up with a mystery shopping company save their home page in your favorites or bookmarks.

If you find that you have received a scam by email, go to your email settings and where it says how emails are read. Check the header so that if will appear in the email.

Then send the email to Spam@uce.gov

Most of these email we receive that are scams. I was reading on MSN news that they are related to terrorism. This is another way they are funding themselves by ripping you off if you fall for it.

Please report to these to Spam@uce.gov
So that they can research them and find the source of the email if they can.

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Thanks for the heads up. Most people get scammed trying to make a fast buck. If it is too good to be true, it is usually too good to be true.

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