CRI Payment fee

I recently received a paypal payment for a shop. They apid fairly quick but I noticed a payment processing fee. Why do they charge that and is there any way to avoid payment fees. I have not noticed this from other companies.

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I guess they want to encourage you to use direct deposit. There is no fee when you use direct deposit. Second to None also charges a fee when they pay through PayPal but charges nothing when you get direct deposit.
I thought they wanted us to use paypal or they charged a fee. I guess I have it backwards.
You definitely have it backwards. I prefer PayPal - but I'm cheap - I opted for DD with both STN and CRI because they both charge a fee when you use PayPal.
I use direct deposit with them. Much easy and get my money right away, don't have to wait for it to download to my bank account. Also no fee. They have to charge a fee on paypal because paypal charges them a fee. No charge for direct deposit.
I've always opted for DD if offered a choice. It gets the money in your control faster than PayPal.
No, they don't have to pass along the fee, they choose to. That's okay by me as long as they offer a free option. Most Sassie companies only use PayPal and when no other option is offered they will absorb the fee themselves.

jpgilham Wrote:
> They have to charge a fee on paypal because paypal
> charges them a fee.

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