1099s including reimbursements? Please tell us!

This was started so that we can alert one another to the MSCs that are issuing 1099s that include reimbursements as income.

As of now, it looks like ACE has done this. Please report any that you find.

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When you don't have a 1099, how do you report the income? You can put in on your tax form under misc but what can you prove or what does it mean? Just wondering.
You report based on your records. If you are ever audited, you will prove what you reported by providing your records.
I have not received any 1099s yet and that includes my FT job. I am expecting a few 1099s from MSCs for 2012.

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IIRC, they have until 1/31/13 to be postmarked.

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Sojo - You report your mystery shopping income on a Schedule C as a small business to get the best tax advantages. The Schedule C attaches to the 1040. Keep up with your total income, expenses, and mileage throughout the year and that will be your proof if audited. Your total income is all the money you get, which includes the money reported to you on 1099s.

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Or...do I just show on taxes as reimbursement? Ugh. Hate taxes. Almost wish they took them out to being with. I'll go read some more.
If you don't make $600 the company does not have to report it do they? I have a no. of msc which faill into that category. I will just list it under income. Some of you may be able to claim EIC also. I have proof I worked for them - good to have no matter what.
It's not an error so there's no need to correct it. Just deduct what you paid out as an expense.

geauxcj Wrote:
> Beyond Hello included reimbursements on mine. How
> do I get them to correct it?

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Looks like Maritz included reimbursements in mine. Don't have the exact total to prove it, but the 1099 total ends in a 3, which couldn't happen from their fees.
My current understanding based on this forum is: reimbursements can be treated as business expenses whether or not they are included in the 1099 total. If they are not included in the 1099, this makes tax time easier. If the expenses *are* included on the 1099, the reimbursements should be deducted as business expenses (and all documentation of those expenses should be kept).
I don't know why it would make it easier, unless you only shop for one company. I'd personally be leery of having checks going through my account in larger amounts than what I'm reporting as "income." I report every dime they give me as income, and then deduct expenses, and I would ignore the 1099's (I didn't get any for 2012 anyway since I was below the threshold on all of them) since I'm tracking my income myself. I might check to make sure nobody is claiming they sent me more than I actually got.

Our personal bookkeeping should not vary depending on what the MSC is doing. Why track things differently for companies who include the reimbursement versus those who don't? I have enough things to keep track of without trying to match 50 companies' different bookkeeping methods.

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
It might be better to match their bookkeeping methods rather than an audit because they say they paid you $x.xx and you say they paid you $y.yy. Of course the end result is the same, just more work for us.
If they say they paid you $100 and you say you got $150 the IRS will be perfectly happy. That's why you should report the bigger amount, then deduct what you paid out as an expense.

there is no reason to match anyone's bookkeeping method. All you have to do is add up all the money you got and put it on the income line. You will also have income on that line for which you don't have a 1099. It's all added together.

The only purpose of the 1099 is to make sure you report all your income. You don't have to enter the individual 1099's. Some people here are shopping for 100 companies. You think they need to enter every 1099 individually? You think the IRS wants to see them? All the IRS does is say, "We have 1099's reported from the companies totaling $10,530 for this person. Their tax return shows $12,698 income reported. We're good."

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
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