Payment from Bare International

I did 7 airport shops for Bare International back in July 2008. I have not been paid for these shops ($70). I can't get anyone to answer emails and I don't know how to contact them besides the contact link in the jobs that I did. Any suggestions?

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Are the shops on your shop log and scored? Unfortunately they don't show you a date paid, but if they are there and scored I would hit the contact link of each and every job. But first I would go through my bank account because they do a direct deposit for me and there often is no announcement. My 7/10/08 job was paid by direct deposit 8/20/08 and I have received payments for all other jobs done in 2008 on a timely basis.
Although I'm paid in full from them, I've had an uneasy feeling, due to mixed signals. The following information is on their website:

Corp. HQ: 3251 Old Lee Hwy. #203, Fairfax, VA 22030
703-293-3124 (fax)
Yes, they are in my shop log and scored. I have tried the contact links of the jobs and I get no response.
If the shop link is not working, you might try emailing their contact us area which is They are global all over the world, possibly they are not aware of this incident. Or possibly they decided not to pay you and neglected to inform you why. You still should know the reason. How did you score on the shops???? Possibly that scheduler is no longer with them. If the above email does not work. Their official Corporate office site for North America is 3251 Old Lee Commerce, Highway #203, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA. Hope this helps you. They usually pay by check or direct deposit. October 2008 is too long not to receive a payment.
Thanks to all who replied. I finally got someone to contact me by email. They said they mailed a check to me. I never received. They are checking to see whether it's been cashed. Thanks for all your help.
Just an update on my payment from Bare International. Back in January, they finally contacted me and said that they sent me a check which I never received. After numerous attempts to follow up and tell them that I never got a check I FINALLY got a response from someone yesterday, almost 2 months to get a reply from them. Now they are saying they mailed me a new check. What is most unbelieveable to me is the poor customer service I have received from a company whose job it is to measure customer service. There was no apology for not contacting me or anything. We'll see if I get my check (It's for almost $100). I will not do any more shops for them.
This is strange....they are a reliable company.

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