New scam cirulating involving AboutFace

A new series of scams have begun circulating over the last week. These are being posted on Yahoo Hot Jobs and Career Builder, and the emails being sent out are coming from a Career Builder email address. These are the same check cashing scams that have been around for years, but the ones I have seen are using the AboutFace name and have copied information from the AboutFace website. DO NOT BE FOOLED! These are NOT from AboutFace! If you receive one of these emails, please forward it to me at for investigation. If you do receive a check from these scammers, please also be sure to turn the check over to your local police department and state Attorney General along with all the emails you have received regarding the scam. This one seems to be running rampant, so please be vigilant and don't get caught up in the scam. Thanks!

Heather Stokes

Heather Stokes
AboutFace Consulting Corp.
Director of Finance

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