EPMS (Targeted Apartment) Shops

I'm very new to this, especially doing video apartment shops. I have been trying to reach two targets for two different apartments for 3 days now. Neither ever answer the phone. I was given permission from EPMS to call two more times and if I don't get a hold of them, to call back a third time and ask for them by name. My question is this: What is my reason for asking for them by name? They obviously have never spoken to me, so I need an excuse as to how I got their info and why I am asking for them directly instead of talking with the person who answers the phone. Any ideas? I'm sure they have already noticed that the same girl keeps calling asking stupid questions. You would think these apartment complexes would just know the schedules of their employees and send you on a day they are working. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Once I get the target I say that I was driving around checking out the areas at a couple of apartment buildings recently and spoke with a tenant who lived there. She/he said to be sure to talk to MS. Jones.

If the target asks you to describe the tenant so she can tahnk her, say something vagaue like, "she wore a black jogging suit and had her hair under a baseball cap, and sun glasses I think.

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I always say a co-workers brother said to be sure to ask them. If they ask his name I say I don't know his name but her name is (make up any name). I say it's her married name though so she probably has a different last name to him.
Thanks guys! I did get a hold of one of the targets today and I used the whole "my husband's co-worker gave me your name." She bought it. Thanks for the advice!
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