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I just did a gas shop at a station I stop at a couple of times a month for gas. The pump printed a blank piece of paper for the receipt so I asked for one when I got inside. The cashier printed me one but I realized after the fact it wasn't mine, it was for the other side of the pump. The receipt paper had been installed upside down and the cashier changed it before I could even leave the lot.

How should I report it? If I detail all of that and the store sees it, they will definitely know who I am from now on.

I don't have a receipt for the gas I personally pumped, should I just claim that receipt?

Oh, and it must not be my evening. I did a second one down the road and the their pump wouldn't print a receipt either. When I asked for the receipt for my inside purchase, the cashier said he didn't know how to print one for the inside sale but he could print one for the gas I'd purchased. Are you kidding me!!!!

I've got a lot of respect for those of you who do this full time and knock out a dozen or more stops a day. I can start pulling my hair out with just a couple.

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I sent you a pm about the first receipt issue.

On the second issue where the kid couldn't print out the inside receipt, I'd call the scheduler/MSC and ask how to do the report.

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I would report it like it happened, with the only variable being to put an explanation of all the receipt troubles in the comment section that is for the MSC's eyes only, if your report has such a section. Otherwise, include it in the narrative anyway.
You still may have trouble with the wrong pump receipt, because you did not catch it on site and request the correct one.
If they figure out who you are as a result of your report, so what? You can still stop for gas there as a customer and keep them on their toes, and maybe throw them off enough to keep shopping them. Besides, even if they know you're the shopper, by them time they see you, all they can do to improve the evaluation is extend a friendlier greeting and farewell. Everything else is too late.
Above all else, don't claim a receipt as your own that's not actually yours. Better to lose a single shop's pay if your report is rejected than to lose an entire MSC if you are caught falsifying a receipt, or to lose your integrity if you're not caught.
Thanks to both of you. I was in the middle of reporting it like it happened when I saw your posts. I've sent emails to the help desk to see what they say before I submit the reports.
I'm curious about this answer myself. I'm sure if you provide as much detail as possible about what happened, you'll be fine. Definitely contact the MSC and go from there. Don't try to claim the receipt like you bought it. The client may review video based on the receipt you received that didn't belong to you and that could pose as an issue..

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golfaddict - I did a gas station one time, it was closed except for the pumps. The guidelines stated to still do the shop. The pump did not print a receipt. I explained what happened on the report. No reimbursement. I called, she suggested sending a copy of my bank statement with personal info blacked out. I did, but they still would not reimburse the gas. The statement clearly showed the amount and location. It wasn't a huge deal, I had a route that day, and the amount of gas was minimal. However, I went through all their hoops and still did not get paid. I suppose I should be happy they paid the shop fee. We all strive to do the shops according to guidelines, but sometimes things happen. Some companies treat mystery shoppers with more respect than others.

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When you can't get a printed receipt, and i've had several where the clerk doesn't know how to print a duplicate, make them write you out a receipt by hand. Tell them you need it for your boss if you have to give an explanation. They always do it.
I've had a couple of instances where I forgot to get a receipt and I told my scheduler right away. Since these were route shops and I was no longer in the area, she said they can pull all of the sales from that day and generate a receipt, or proof of my purchase, by looking through their sales that day.

I know not every gas station can do this but many can.

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I always tell them that I need it for my per diem from my company; because they are really anal about having receipts. No receipts no reimbursement. Have worked for other companies and they say her is $200 per diem don't spend it all on dancers.
I had this happen with a Maritz gas station. It was an unattended station and the receipt did not print at the pump. I sent in a copy of my credit card transaction and I was paid.
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