disappointing a scheduler, also questions about an audit

Can somebody walk me through veeerrrryyyy slooowwly how to do one of those audits at a clothing store, like where you have a spreadsheet and have to record prices? also I'd like some opinions on something for Ross clothing store. Apparently i have to go look for mis sized items and record these? has anyone ever done one of these? Do you like them, dislike them, etc? Are they easy? I want to hear all about them, but I am hyper and the pool is closed for MLK Day, so I am going to go buy some laundry detergent. Also...what to do if you have three thousand messages in your inbox and missed an assignment? Disappointing the first person you ever shopped with???? Thanks for listening, everyone. This board is my salvation!!!!

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I've never done the ROSS Sizing Audits; just the customer service shops, so I can't help you there.

But in my experience, most schedulers are pretty understanding, especially if you're new smiling smiley. Just don't make a habit of letting them down. I was really bad my first couple of weeks of MSing, but finally realized that I should get the job done, even if it loses me money, because a commitment is a commitment, and I might need a good relationship with that scheduler in the future.

Somewhere in the Midwest, shopping / auditing full time since 2014. Will use PV-500 for food! smiling smiley
The ross audits are easy. I love them. Just go through a rack and note anything that doesnt belong. if more than 7 things you note it in your report.

ps sorry for all typos, i am typing one handed while nursing

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I have done many of the Ross sizing audits and find them pretty easy. You count 125 items in 5 categories and note anything that is the wrong size or miscategorized. You also need to get the manager's name and record a tag # off one item from each of the 5 categories (I take a picture of the 5 tags and record them when I get home). I have read here that some shoppers take the 5 items into a dressing room and write the tag #s down in there. These shops usually take me about 30-40 minutes and the report is very easy.
The Ross are very easy except for the shoes. They are always miscategorized. I love the idea of taking a pix of the tag #. I get such great timesavers from this forum Thank you.
Great thread from last year on Ross audits...
And another from later last year...
Never did one myself.
Since the pool is closed, you may want to clean out your inbox.
After you get your laundry detergent, of course.
In this business, it is imperative that you check your email on a regular basis and organize your mailbox. I have folders for every company that I work with. If you get a system in place, it won't be hard to maintain it. It is the same as keeping track of shops, mileage, payments, etc.
thanks for the reply. ahh, so it's like you are searching for a dress or pants or something and you page through them, sort of, looking for things that don't belong? can you step by step me how you have done it?
It really isn't hard, DolphinGirl, and step by step, you do it just as you described it - "it's like you are searching for a dress or pants or something and you page through them, sort of, looking for things that don't belong." I suggest you do it once, take your time, document your steps, and I think you will understand the process.
Yes, try one and see how it goes...I've only done one of these sizing audits and don't know if I'll do another one. They are not hard and as someone else said, the report was pretty easy. But the store I audited was total chaos. Seriously, there were only a few items that were correctly placed, so that one took forever. I'm sure it was a fluke, but if not, I would have been pretty bummed had I taken on more than one to start with.
I shop for clothes at the sizing audit store and know that the one near me has the wrong color (size) on the shirt hangers and have to do a shirt label "audit" to shop for my own shirts as I go along. Then if I like the shirt and its the wrong size, I search the size up and size down for the same shirt and sometimes find it there by checking the shirt tags.

This shop is needed as the stores can really be torn apart as it's a discount surplus type place. I'd never want to do one on the weekend!
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