Anyone else ever have trouble submitting report on MF theatre jobs?

I did an assignment for MF this afternoon. It's the first one I've done for the theatre side of MF in a couple years and my first ever lobby check. It was a relatively easy job and the pay was not great but not terrible either.

The problem is that I've been trying to enter my report all evening and it keeps timing out. Most of the time the last quarter of the report never loads. Then there's no way to save what I've done so there's no use in even attempting it (and I have several times and have lost the info every time).

I don't think it's my computer because all other website are loading fine. It may be because I'm using a mac so I told them I'd try again in the morning. It will be after 8:00 though which is the deadline.

Is this normal???

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I haven't had that exact problem but I do have issues with their site once in awhile. Almost every time I submit a report and then submit the photo I get logged out. Then I usually cannot log back in for a long time to check the status but sometimes changing browsers will work. It usually does submit but sometimes not, so that's irritating.

This part is my fault but I was doing a few installs once and on the first one I submitted the pic and went to the next one. Later I noticed the first one was back at incomplete with no photo so I uploaded it again. Next morning same thing happened to the same report so I did it again. Finally after the third time of it showing back up I called and someone explained that I was submitting the wrong photo. Why couldn't someone just tell me that maybe by email or by that annoying message board?!
Thanks for responding. Is it normal not to be able to save your report? I think that's my biggest concern.
There is no save option. That part really sucks.
If you wait a really long time to submit the report from when you started it; it can log you out even though your report stayed open. That is frustrating. I do strongly dislike the fact that I cannot save my work as I go.
Another good example of when you should compose all of the information in another place and copy/paste to the report.
If you like theater jobs and are experienced and professional, why don't you ditch MF and cpome work for VeriTES? We have a lot more theater shops to offer you and pay better. You can e-mail me privately at with your state and I can tell you who to contact.
The theater in my area has been removed from the Verites list. Hopefully, the new list will have my
theater reinstated.

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
I actually did have issues getting my report for RMLC1509 from last Friday uploaded after I got home. I was worried because I certainly did not want to retype ~65 one-sheet titles and then some. Whatever the issue was, it solved itself not too long after I sent a message with the screen error message pasted to it.
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