Paying for gas with Plenti

I'll call and ask tomorrow, but just in case someone has already inquired-- Anybody know if we can pay for our gas using Plenti points at E/M shops? I have a WHOLE lot of points from opening an account with AT&T and I'd like to use them up. If I can use them on shops and get the cash value (since a receipt is provided with the cost of the gas on it) that'd be fab.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

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BTW, we are supposed to say NO when asked if we have the PlentiCard by the Retail employee. This is to test the Employee as to whether he informs us about the card and the welcome kit. Therefore if you used your PC at the pump, you might be invalidating your report. What we do on our own dime is slightly different is what we do on the MSCs dime.
It is hard to tell the Retail we don't know about the Plenti promo, if you used the card to pay for gasconfused smiley
Yeah. I considered they'd object due to that but it's not like the employee is paying attention to what's going on at the pump when they don't have to. The likelihood of them being okay with this is incredibly low, but it's worth a call at least.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Usually when one is paying at the PUMP, the pump asked that you submitted your LOYALTY card first. The PlentiCard is a loyalty card. It rates above the EM loyalty card. So while at the pump your LC registers on the machine inside the store. along with the credit/debit card one is paying with.

While you think the employee is not paying attention you may have under estimated what the employee role really is. There is only one register in the store that is "gas pumps oriented" so all transaction go through that register. Debit, credit, and loyalty cards are monitored there. And someone is always monitoring. 9 out of 10 there is usually no more that two employees on at a time and only one at the register.smiling smiley

Call for your reasurrancesmiling smiley

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I'm curious then, sojo, if that is the case, are we "outing" ourselves when we show up and pump only $5 or $3 worth of gas? I wonder if I should be doing the gas pump portion of my audits at the end instead of the beginning...
Someone from the MSC told me when I started that it's best to get the fuel as the last thing you do.
Still, after about 30 of these, I have yet to ever be asked if I had a Plenti card.

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The PlentiCard is the loyalty card EM promotes along with other industries. So a apparently the Retail employee is not doing there job, So if they don't asked, if it is not "my" fault.

As for when you get your gas, the beginning or end, one MSC suggest you get your gas when you do the Mystery part of the shop and access the Plenticard question at the point of your in store purchase. If you are in doubt ask you Scheduler or Team membersmiling smiley.
The guidelines state in very bold print that both purchases must be done first before the reveal part of the shop. If you don't use your Plenti card at the pump, how can you tell them whether or not it's working? I have been to many locations where the pump was not accepting my card even though they participate. This is useful information for both EM and the station owner.
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