submitting cell phone pics to Market Force

I filled out the survey for a Market Force shop for the first time on my smart phone. Everything went well until I tried to upload photos of my receipts. Apparently they are over the size limit. I've never had this happen when I used a scanner.

Can someone offer some advice on how to make the pictures smaller? They need to be less than 1mg and my cropped photos were 2.5.

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It would be helpful if you said if your phone was Android or iOS.

There are camera apps for Android that will allow you to select a lower resolution so you don't have to process the image at all.

I like Open Camera, as it is an open source community generated free app:

[] (Main site)

[] (Google Play Store)

Photo Settings/Camera Resolution and select a lower setting like 2048 x 1536 or 3 MP.
Thanks much. I just had to figure or how to lower the resolution. After that it worked like a charm.
On the web version of the submit form if your photo is too large, there's a resize button that I've used often. It's probably not available on the mobile version, but I just wanted to mention it. It's really easy: my iPhone photos are often too big and have to be resized by MF when I submit the report.

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