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I know it's the holiday and people are stressed and overworked but lack of response from a scheduler for the second time on shops for the same company is extremely frustrating for me. This is my second issue with a particular scheduler for Ipsos. I don't see any bad comments about her in the listings but we apparently don't get along. I had three shops to do. I completed them all on time but the last shop wouldn't submit for me because of one multiple choice question. The dealer had given me a response that was not an option and there were not comment boxes or 'other' option to choose. I emailed her two times with no response. I got an automated email telling me I needed to complete it or it would be removed. Still no response from her. I contacted the number in my state for Ipsos and she couldn't help me but referred me to the help desk. I spoke with someone there and was given another phone and email contact. I sent them the request with no response. Finally two days later another person emailed to say there were only two shops in my assignments and they were completed correctly. So, this means the scheduler did remove the shop without contacting me to see why I was needing assistance. So I emailed her again after receiving word it had been removed asking for resolution to my question and to have it reinstated since I completed the job. What are my changes of this happening? Anyone else having problems with schedulers not responding? I like Ipsos they have lots of shops in my area but this scheduler and I do not work well together. I may have to drop the company if we can't resolve this going forward.

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Judith, the president of Summit posts here. Try getting in touch with her, would be my suggestion.

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Thank you. Again after posting someone from Ipsos returned my email. Reassigned the shop to me and I completed it with their assistance. I love this forum and information provided.
dreamweaver, I am glad you got a response. However, waiting around for a scheduler or editor, is frustrating and time consuming. It is not a plus in favor of the MSC, when the only recourse is escalation.

Unfortunately, this is par for the course of too many MSCs.
This seems to be the only MSC/scheduling company I have had problems with. I realize not every scheduler is full time and life happens to us all. I just don't care for no response at all. I'll keep my contact directly with the company if I choose to continue with shopping with them. They resolved it quickly.
I believe I know which scheduler. I've got a shop on Pay hold. I put in the wrong date, but the photo was date stamped. I received a reply from perhaps an editor and I responded. I was informed that the shop would be put back on my account to correct. It was not. I emailed again. They're looking into it. Still.

It is what it is. I know the parameters and will have to deal with it accordingly. I have a shop right now in which I disabled the dialogue box because it kept popping up every second number while I was trying to enter 21 numbers. Now I cannot get assistance in finding out why my shop will not submit.

I know that if things do not go according to Hoyle, it will not be resolved. So I usually make it work, submit it and be done with it.

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I know exactly who you are talking about. I've sent this scheduler about, oh I don't know, 7 emails, and a text, and this scheduler will NOT respond to me. I had to contact the owner of Summit. Ridiculous. I applied for a (name of shop removed) shop Jan 4, and it didn't get assigned until 3 weeks later. I travel for a living and was only left with a 2 day window to complete it before it was due. Needless to say, I was unable to complete it. And now I keep getting overdue emails saying I need to contact a person who won't respond. This scheduler is making me look bad with Ipsosus, and to people I mail things to. I hope I never have to work with this person again. Clearly, they don't care.

(Mod note: Linking an MSC with its clientele is a violation of Forum rules and probably also a breach of your ICA with that MSC)
If the MSCs would structure their reports better, there wouldn't be as much of a need for us shoppers to put completing a report on hold while we wait for instructions on how to answer a question for which we don't have an answer because the shop didn't follow the "expected" path, or the survey is just not worded properly, with appropriate response choices. This seems to be a big problem in this industry. If there were at least a comment box at the end of the survey, you could choose a response, then explain in the comments what "really" happened.

Of course, that doesn't excuse the lack of response from the scheduler.... I'm still waiting for a response from a Summit Scheduler regarding an Ipsos shop that's open and overdue on the job board. I may not be eligible to do it, but it would be nice if he'd respond and let me know one way or the other....

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Yes, all of the schedulers for Summit are timely in their responses except one particular scheduler, and I believe we all know who this is without naming names. There are a few of their schedulers who can respond within an hour or two, and no later than 24 hours, but the scheduler who we are not naming takes 4-5 days (or sometimes not at all) to respond to emails. Sigh. This is the time you must contact Judith.
whosear, did you put in the dashes? The Bill ID # (if the long one) requires the dashes as printed on the receipt.

Yes, all of the schedulers for Summit are timely in their responses

Yup, I have to say that all of the other schedulers at Summit with whom I've worked have been very responsive. I had to reach one by telephone on something urgent, and I left a voice mail. She returned my call within an hour.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
I think most of the editors/schedulers are great and this one person at the same MSC is my only complaint. I find it ironic that we shop people for their service and quality and yet there are emails that come across my inbox that have a harsh tone and make me question why I am shopping for this MSC if this is their level of professionalism. I think the schedulers should have to run their emails to shoppers thru someone before hitting send. Maybe they just don't realize how their words come across? I subscribe to the idea that there is a effective way to communicate and a not so great one. If someone is unreliable or gives you a reason to question their reliability then don't assign shops to them. Why alienate the good ones by sending a mass email with a harshly written tone to it? Why potentially lose the good ones not because of the client; but, because of the MSC.
I have the exact same issue with my scheduler from Summit and IPSOS shops, and I only get a response 1 out of every 3 or 4 emails I send at best. Not sure it is the same person as you all are referring to above, but I've had the same experience.
Does somebody want to PM me the name of the scheduler in question? Another shopper told me who she is having trouble with, and I am curious if everyone has the same person in mind. The person that was named to me has been more than responsive, as in exceptionally responsive, so I am perplexed.
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