Alta 360 Gas Station Shops

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Hi there - I can tell you that many of our shoppers do use the MobiAudit app to do our gas station shops. Thanks!
I got it in the Google Play Store. I don't know if it is in iTunes app store. I would assume that it is, but I don't know for sure.
Once you download it from the Google Play Store or the iTunes app store, you will need to set up a profile. You will want to put your user name and password and "server" to create your profile (so the app will be able to sign into the portal for you). The "server" you want to use is the URL you use to sign in with which for Alta360 would be "" (without the quote marks).

The good thing about MobiAudit is that you can add all your MSC's that use the ShopMetrics platform in this same way (so I have AboutFace, Strategic Reflections, Ipsos, Alta360, Ace, MeasureCP, Sentry, and MarketStatReporting all in mine and I probably am forgetting some of them). Once you get them all entered, that way the app will look for new shops for you and suggest them based upon your location. When you accept a shop, it will add to the inbox in the app automatically and you can complete it there. This works great for simple shops like the Alta360 gas stations but I wouldn't use it myself to enter a detailed restaurant shop as it would require too much typing.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.

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