what makes seashore the toughest maritz gas station?

from past threads the general consensus seems to be that seashore is the toughest but what about that shop makes it tougher, then say, the station where you have to take photos of all the pumps? i'm asking because they're starting to get bonused and there's a bunch in my area, but i want to get your opinions before starting negotiations.

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They take longer than any other and pay less. They require many more photos, and their description of what category certain interior photos belong to are very vague. It is both a mystery shop and an audit. It is the client trying to get you to do two shops at once for the price of one. Figure on an average of an hour on site for each shop. Then figure your time to rename, resize, upload the photos, and answer the mystery portion questions. I used to average about 45 minutes each location until a couple years ago when they added more photos and questions. Now my average is about 60 minutes. If I have time I still occasionally do a few locally to stay sharp on them and to help out, but there is no way I can afford to do the out-of-state ones for 10 bucks each. Keep these things in mind, and take lots of extra photos if you do these shops. Your first few of these shops will take you longer until you become familiar with them.
doesn't sound fun. so the difference is basically a lot more interior photos, abd that's it? what time do you average on red white and blue shops compared to seashore?
Not only are there more photos but there are a lot more questions on the report too. Some of the questions wants quite specific details.

I do these shops sometimes but don't prefer them. Bonuses on them make them more worth it.
@jay225 wrote:

doesn't sound fun. so the difference is basically a lot more interior photos, abd that's it? what time do you average on red white and blue shops compared to seashore?

35 minutes. On some that are nearly perfect, I go back over the site to make sure I did not miss anything in order to stay on location for the 30-minute minimum. Reducing, naming, and uploading the 10-13 photos, and doing report takes about 20 minutes total.
thanks for schooling me, az. 1 hour is unacceptable to me. i'll be avoiding these unless the incentive goes upwards of $100.
Seashore is my 2nd least favorite gas station. Orange banjo is my least favorite because of the embarrassingly low purchase and re-reimbursement of 1 gallon of gas.

I stopped doing Seashore because of the overly picky new editors who seemed intent on proving their worth by rejecting shops. I decided to give it another shot and did 10 this month. All were accepted except one where I had to send a 2nd photo of the "no food" selection. I have learned to take many extra photos to avoid a return trip.

A detailed work sheet for each brand allows me to complete the shops in under 30 minutes. Negotiating bonuses, particularly at the end of the month, provides a reasonable fee rate.
I agree, the new editors make this shop a nightmare. Recently had one that put a hold on a visit two weeks after I completed it and I was out of the country. They do not seem to read emails or comments. I sent four telling them I would respond when I returned. When I got back, the shop had been submitted!! Also the uploads take a very long time for all those photos and occasionally crash making you begin again. FYI, have performed this shop hundreds of times for over a decade. No longer.
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