Cancelling shops at cse

I flew out to Chicago this weekend to do a ton of airport shops. I'm here another 2 days and am supposed to fly out Tuesday. Tuesday morning it looks like it's supposed to snow a fair amount. I'm an airline employee and only get to fly if there are seats available so if flights cancel due to weather I'll likely get stuck and end up missing work Wednesday. I can complete my sets today and tomorrow no issue, but I was scheduled for 3 more with a different scheduled before I fly out and I'm likely going to have to cancel those so I can try to take the first flight out before any flights cancel. I have a good rep with many schedulers from my previous airport shops, but not with this particular one. I don't want to burn a bridge but I also don't want to get stuck in Chicago! Will it be a big deal if I email my scheduler today saying I can't do the last 3 shops due to weather?

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I don't think it will be, in fact I have to cancel an airport shop with them too due to flight plans changing. But if I were you I'd cancel regardless of if it will be a big deal or not. Life happens and if they can't understand that, are they really a company you want to go out of your way for?
CSE is a wonderful MSC with great schedulers! I would write to your scheduler and give her (or him) a heads up and ask if you should just go ahead and cancel now so they can see if they can find someone else, or if they want you to wait until tomorrow to see if the forecast changes.

They're very understanding.

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