TRAILER CHECKS: Certifed, Verites and now a third provider????

Did a trailer check tonight and the manager tells me I am the third person doing them today. I did mine for one of the two major providers above and know the person who does them for the other major provider. BUT....have no clue as to who else may be doing them and this was not an open check or mystery shop either.

Another time in another theater, an usher told me of two guys who came in to perform some type of check....anybody have any clue???? Cinemascore and Comscore I believe only do exit polls of audience patrons exiting the theaters. National Audits and Hoover Reports have not done trailer checks for many years....

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I am only aware of the first company doing this type of shop. I have done several of these assingments in Ches. And Va Beach over the past 12 months... thankful1959.
Can't say I've heard of another company, but sometimes two people go from the same company. Depends on when assignments got snapped up.
I get emails offering trailer checks from a new company lately, I think I signed up to shop for them too. But I've never done any trailer checks for them, I just stick with MF, none of them pay well anyway, might as well stick with folks you trust.

When I was doing my trailer checks yesterday there was a man that came in with a similar form. He might have been doing an ad check, or he might have been from another company? He didn't talk to me, I tried but he just kept walking.
the other company I suddenly started getting emails from seems to be verites. I know I signed up but it won't let me access their page unless they have already assigned the job to me? It's very strange and they just started sending me emails out of the blue a few months ago. I don't know why.
Just heard that GFK is helping Verites schedulers in need of new theater checkers, so this is probably who we thought was a new, third trailer check provider...
I just started with this company, and I'm supposed to do trailer checks tomorrow, but can't log in to the website to get the forms. I'm an experienced shopper, and I prepare well for my jobs, but this is major frustration for pretty small pay.
I've done theater checks on and off for both Verites and Market Force. No longer do them for Market Force. Verites is a little bit different. Emails go out the night prior to the checks and you are expected to log in to get your paperwork. Accessing the site requires the email you registered under + last 4 of your SS#. They pay by check after they receive your invoice which can either be faxed or scanned and emailed. I am not sure if Tim schedules for the entire country, but he has a page up with available theaters he's recruiting for at They will not let you just log in unless assigned.
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