MF gas station mystery shop - oopsie!

I completely spaced and didn't bring cash with me on a MarketForce gas station (non-reveal) shop. Got to the counter, opened my wallet and said a couple of expletives in my head. Oopsie. I completed the shop with my debit card (which produced an automatic receipt instead of asking for a receipt for my $2 item) and now it sits in QC... How bad was my oopsie?!?!?

On a side note: I did another of the same shop today with cash (of course). A customer behind me laughed when I asked for my receipt and asked if I was claiming the purchase on my taxes. Thanks Buddy for bringing more attention to my receipt for my candy! Lol!

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@jgo wrote:

and now it sits in QC... How bad was my oopsie?!?!?

I'm not sure how bad it is because I haven't made that mistake yet. But it may not be a killer mistake. The report asks if you paid cash for your store purchase if it was less than $2. Then it says "if not, why not?" so there is a place to explain why you used credit. I'm thinking it might go through and get approved.

I wouldn't worry that it is still in QC. My gas reports all seem to sit 2 or 3 days in QC unless it's the end of the month. At the end of the month everything seems to get reviewed fast.

Let us know what happens. Good luck,.
It's cash for purchases under $5. You said you charged $2. Not sure. Could be a re-shop in order.
I accidentally did that once as well and the msc let it slide. You'll be asked to explain WHY you didn't pay in cash; I simply explained that I thought I would have enough cash to cover the purchase but underestimated. My shop went through.
I used a card at their fast food spot and they let it slide, thankfully. Maybe you'll get lucky.

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Oh I hate when that happens. I will usually search my car for some change but finding at item for $1.00 can be challenging. I think you will probably get paid - I mean stuff happens sometimes.
Yes. I should have just added to my purchase to make it over $5. We'll see what happens...

Part-time Colorado Shopper since 2016.
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