Gas Station Shops

Citgo V Marathon... I've tried reading through the forum searches a little. I was hoping to get some in site. I see a ton of both of these in my rural area. I'm not a "new" shopper, however, I am newish to the world outside of fast food and groceries. I only did those two types of shops for the same two companies for several years as a side gig for fun and cash and freebies.

Anyway... how are these two stations? I see more Citgo here than Marathon but both were certainly in my area at fees of $10-$25 depending on location and time.


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Do you mean to just ask for general information, like how easy or hard they are?

Each MSC has its own requirements. Some are odious (I personally think Maritz asks way, way too much for too little pay). Marketforce MS are easy, quick, and the pay is fair, but doing the revealed audit for the same station is, again, way too much work for the offered pay.

If you know the MSC, just accept one and get 'er done. Then you'll know.

Now, if you're asking which companies do these two stations, we can't tell you that.
Nah, I have both shops I've been eyeing but I cannot see the full workup without accepting through the app. I was just curious how worth either of these stations are. I'm guessing different companies do them from the sound of it, besides the ones I have seen advertised in my area. -_- I was looking at the ones that require X amount of photos and non reimbursed purchases, no receipt required. They looked tempting but if it's going to get me in over my head! haha. Maybe I'll do a tester at the gas station that's about 6.1 mi down the road from me and see what it's all about.


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They are both easy.... in/out & report done in 30 tops.

The report for Marathon is slightly easier (personal opinion). The Citgo isn't revealed but not too hard to get the necessary photos.
They start out at like $7 and I've been known to grab a few at that price if I'm driving right by.
Oh and the MSC they are with is one of my favs. Pays on time EVERY month, fair editors & schedulers who are SUPER responsive.
Wanted to bump this because I never did pick one of these up. I was back on the boards today and these are mega abundant. Are they valuable at $8? I know Lucky -- you mentioned picking them up at $7 if you're diving by. I need some fillers. Think I'm going to suck it up and finally jump on the gas station bandwagon. I signed up for about 10 Kangaroos this week. They seemed easy enough. There are so many Marathon and Citgo's out there. I haven't seen them hit $14-$20 this year, but it's still early. Then again, seems there may be another shopper cropping up in my area.

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