Service Sleuth Payroll Advance Shops

I'm hoping to hear from anyone else that has done these shops. I picked one up earlier in the month because it was bonused. The shop was approved with a 10, but not yet paid.

Anyway, the way I read the guidelines is that you are supposed to let the company cash the check you write to cover the loan. That's fine, the money is there to cover the check. Well the loan is coming due tomorrow, and now the loan company is calling my cell every couple of hours to remind me. I'm concerned that if I don't go in to repay they may start calling my employer and references before they send the check to the bank. I could go in today and repay the loan, no problem. I just don't want my office to start getting phone calls from some payday loan company or to start calling my friends and family.

I wrote the scheduler about this, but haven't heard back,, so I'm asking the forum for any experiences with this shop. Did you let the check cash? Did they harass you or your contacts? Did you go back and repay the loan and the shop was still OK?

Appreciate your feedback.

proudly shopping in the D.

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I don't have experience with Service Sleuth but used to do a lot of loans with a different msc. Perhaps it was a different payroll loan company too as I have not done these. I always went in and paid the loan but I paid it on the last day and they never bothered me. They would have cashed my check had I not paid it and they would not have contacted employers etc first according to them. I would imagine they would not do that unless your check turned out to be a bad check. They have your money so they do not need to.
You probably have the contract so take a look and see what it says. It should be spelled out somewhere. Otherwise, if it was me, I would call a different branch then the one you went to anonymously and just ask what the procedure is if you do not repay the loan.
Thanks Sandyf, that's a good idea about calling a different branch anonymously. I'm going to give that a shot.

proudly shopping in the D.
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