Question about schedulers and mass emails

I received a mass email about a job offer that I may like to do. I emailed the scheduler cause I had a couple of questions. Then a few days later I received the same mass email saying that the job is still available. I still haven't received a response

I read the brief guidelines that were in the email but I needed a little more information. I know if I take the job, it will give full details. I also know that schedulers get many emails every day and don't have time to answer all of them. I hate to take job ad then cancel because the guidelines were not as I expected ad it lowers my score.

This is a Sassie company.

Also I have received mass emails with a time of like 4 30 in the moring or as late as 11 at night. Do schedulers work late at night or early in the morning or they set to send the emails at certain times. There have been several jobs I could not get to because I was not near my email at the time

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A number of companies hire independent contractors as schedulers, and they choose the hours that work best for them (just like we do).
Many times they are blast emails. In the past I've deleted the emails inadvertently and the scheduler can't resend the blasts.

This makes my favorite scheduler and I a little nuts. I call her from the road when I can pick up other jobs for her, but I depend on what is left on the blast emails.

My solution was to make a folder just for her and I transfer the emails to that folder. So far, Outlook isn't deleting the emails.

I need the blast emails, because I can check if shops have been picked up. I don't have time to look at job logs.

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Sassie also doesn't necessary send the email out immediately when the scheduler has pressed the "email" button. Sometimes it takes several hours. Depending on the company, the scheduler who first set up the shop might not be the scheduler handling the shop. (Of course here's me, working at 8:41pm, and I'm here until 10pm :p).

If there is a generic "help" email for the company, I would try contacting that one again with your questions (for example, Shoppers' View has an account that is forwarded to all of the schedulers). If you know other schedulers at the company, you can try reaching out to see what's up, too. Sometimes one email can slip through the cracks; it happens to the best of us. If I've sent out an email, and I haven't received a reply, I "reply all" to my original email, so there is a record of my repeated contact to the recipient. I then say something like, "Hey, I haven't heard back from you about this.I'm interested in this shop, but I would still really appreciate it if you could answer these questions for me."

I'm not sure about other companies, but we understand that you don't have access to the full guidelines until you have access to the shop. We don't penalize if you cancel right away and let us know why. It might bum us out, but it won't decrease your score.

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Thanks for rplying. There was one shop that I was interested in. I emailed her with a couple of questions and she emailed me back with the answers to my question. The one that sent out the email was not the scheduler but I think she was the operations manager or something like that. After she answer my question I applied for the shop. It took a coupple of days for it to be assign to me but I was given the shop buy the scheduler and completed it with no problems.

As far as the other company she is the only one that I have received emails from in my area. I emailed her a bout two moths ago and she reply back. This time the guidelines in the email were a little different and I wanted to be sure. I didn't take the job last tine because I couldn't fit it into my schedule. I will see if there is a generic email

Thanks again
Thank you. Not getting penalized because we didn't get the full information before signing up is important. Some companies penalize. I'd love to try new shops but I don't need a flake because I chose to try a shop and then found out it was not something I was qualified to do in the first place.

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning; the devil shudders...And yells OH #%*+! SHE'S AWAKE!
I also like to try new shops with the different companies. Yes I know some penalized us for flaking.
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