Do you guys know of any companies that let you report during the shop?

I read the guidelines and the shop looked complex to me. That's why I asked for your opinion.


Next time regular box shops are posted read the guidelines. They are one of the MSCs where you can read the guidelines before accepting. The hazmat shops are even easier. There has been so much discussion on this it's redundant for me to discuss here. And enough hijacking! Sorry, OP.

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I didn't mean to be dismissive. The shops are so easy that you will wonder why you haven't been doing them all along!
I often do most of a report for Trendsource on location. However, I never submit until I get home because I like to check spelling and grammar, plus I like copies of the photos for backup. Also I like a copy of the confirmation screen that shows the date and time it was submitted since they have that penalty if you submit after midnight.
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