Cirrus marketing scam?

5 months have gone by and I have not been paid for a job I got a 9/10 on. The worst part of this is that the job was insain! It took all day. 6 hours in store and 6 hours writing report and it paid barely anything compared to the hours of writing the report and shopping. Has anyone ever had a job from cirrus amd ran into not recieving payment. When I email the scedualer it gives me an email back saying the email is shut down. When I try emailing other emails I can get off of there site, I get no response. I am going to see if they will respond to the BBB report I plan on making. 12 hours of work for nothing. Does anyone know how I would contact someone higher in the company. Or what would you do? Any and all advice is much apprieciated. Thanks.

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Sorry you didn't read the negative comments here on this job and MSC. would have saved you a lot of trouble.
Try and contact Better Business Burea., and good luck.

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What do you mean by that? Other people had the same expieriance with cirrus? I wish I would have known about this forum sooner!
Chels, you have to stalk them for your payment. Calls and emails as frequently as you can.

The link that Chris provided has has contacts. Email all of them.

We all had the same experience with Cirrus. That's why few of us work with them.

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I found out the company that used to schedule those shops is no longer in business. That's why you couldn't get a hold of that scheduler. I'm sure if you call them directly they will help you. I know they pay slow, but I've always been able to get an answer when I speak to someone. Make sure they received your invoice. On two occasions, they did not have my invoice and I had to resend.
It is very common to have to "ask again" for your money from this company. I have had to do so several times. I don't know of anybody who has not been paid once doing so.... I suggest you email Monnie Howard: In the body of your email state what the shop was, your "score" from your home page, the date you completed it, and the date you had anticipated payment according to their policy. Attach a copy of your invoice.

I have had to do this three times and have always been paid within a day or two of sending said email.

I tend not to shop with this company until they pay better than similar shops in my area (which is very rare) because of the terrible delay in payment and the fact that I have to ask for my money after the payment deadline. However, I did 26 shops for them last year and was paid in full for all of them... eventually.

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