If I do a shop via an independent scheduler (like Coast to Coast), will I be paid less?

I understand that scheduling companies (like Coast to Coast) schedule for a bunch of different MSCs. If I accept an assignment from Coast to Coast (or the like), will I be paid less for the job than if I had accepted the same job directly from the MSC? After all, the scheduling company needs to get a cut somehow.

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Some MSC's only use scheduling companies, so it's a non-question for them. When I've seen shops listed by such a company, I'll cross check them with the company's ad. I've found that they match nearly all the time. I've seen bonuses a couple of times offered on the MSC's site that are not on the scheduling company's site. I've seen it the other way around once.... When I can, I prefer to go through the MSC directly. I find it easier to ask for a bonus and I'm more likely to be able to self-assign...

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