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Four convenience stores and WaWa

ETA: A Look

"I told myself to quit you; but I don't listen to drunks." -Chris Stapleton

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Mexican restaurant and bar. Hoping it'll be good. They have had an amazing churro in the past.
Just doing merch'ing today. Canon printer audits in two office supply stores. Same tomorrow.
Nearby Dash-In for lunch and fuel.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
A regional pizza restaurant

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
Today is one more Canon printer audit, a convenience store MS/audit and a nicely bonused grocery store.
Sorry a bit late. But Friday, August 10th was a decent day. Some driving ....but did a Kia, Five Guys, and Storage. The Kia....was under my "I'll never do it for less than $135" rule.....it was $110 but it paired just right with the other 2 shops gas-wise, and I was 99% positive that this particular dealership was gonna be easy so I did it. One potential hiccup: The recorded Storage call -- the person didn't give her name, but she did give location and I wrote that on my questions. But then I noticed in the end of the call it's I am supposed to ask the name -- geez, I hate these calls. It's the customer's job to ask the name---makes me nuts. But, I wrote the reps name in anyways because it truthfully was the same person OnSite. Other than that was a good day.....80's music in the car, and maybe a Boston Cream donut and Coffee which doesn't count because it wasn't a mealtime.
One shop and one merchandising gig.

Those who wish to sing, always find a song. -Swedish proverb
Got life?
Kroger shops. Plus a follow up to a financial shop that will not die. So frustrating! So many follow ups what was lucrative is not looking so lucrative now.
Nothing today. Yesterday was a very nicely bonused expired NetSpend check in a Family Dollar plus a nicely bonused grocery shop.
Today was two burger shops and WaWa.

"I told myself to quit you; but I don't listen to drunks." -Chris Stapleton
Five Guys and WaWa this weekend.

"I told myself to quit you; but I don't listen to drunks." -Chris Stapleton
Did a quick serve restaurant and an online credit shop. The restaurant was terrible. I won’t be going back there unless it’s ridiculously bonused (employees were nice; food was terrible).
One merch gig at a Lowe's applying POP to LG appliances, while out running other non-msc/merch errands.
Five Guys today for lunch and dinner.

"I told myself to quit you; but I don't listen to drunks." -Chris Stapleton
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