How does one become a scheduler or account manager for a company? Are those IC positions as well?

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Some are IC positions and some are direct employees. It depends on the company and the situation. Try contacting MSCs that you have worked with as a mystery shopper. It gives you a big boost to ask for a position in a company where you have a great MS track record.
I hear that ACL (A Closer Look) is looking for Schedulers. I agree, contact your present companies and ask if they need Schedulers, they have a big turnover, you never know.

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I believe that all of the scheduler and evaluator positions are WFH. I'm also looking at editing positions as well.
Edit to add email:

Not all scheduler positions are work from home, but A Closer Look does hire work from home Schedulers and Editors. If you want more information, email me your name and ACL shopper ID and I can get the ball rolling for you smiling smiley

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