Same jobs- LESS pay??

As long as there is somebody willing to do something for less $$$ than you, there will rarely be adequate pay on the table.

My compliments to CoolMusic for the above logical and concise comment. Unfortunately, there are those desperate for money and/or activity who affect all working strictly for financial gain and are unwilling to toil for a pittance. That's business!

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There are a few audits I don't mind doing near base pay, if they have 2 minute reports and I can use them as fillers for my routes. Having said that, when the MSC actually lowers the price, these tend to go on my 10-foot-pole list, even if they get "bonused" back to or above the original price. I figure if they have been deprioritized by the MSC, my chances of getting any response if there is an issue just went way down. The only thing worse than less pay is no pay because they changed the requirements and the scheduler won't answer my questions about the new items.
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