Need answer ASAP Post Office SHOP

I signed up to do my first PO shop and chose the date of 01/04/2017 in the range 01/01/-01/07/2018. On 01/03 I was feeling really bad and went to a local "Minute Clinic" and was diagnosed officially with the flu and sent home bed. I immediately emailed the MSC and explained and asked if I could reschedule or if I needed to cancel. I received a reply the next day saying I had to contact the scheduling company directly to make any changes. I did that the next day. I sent the scheduler a copy of my original email, plus and explanation that I did not realize I was supposed to contact her first.
Fast forward until today. I have not heard back from anyone. I get an email saying my report is past due and must be submitted by noon Eastern time today 01/09/2018 or I will be given a citation for not contacting anyone and possibly dropped from company. Of course I immediately emailed again. Looked for contact phone number, can't find one.

My question is: I can get up, get dressed and do the shop this afternoon, but does anyone with experience with this MSC and scheduling company know the likelyhood of it being accepted?

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Did you write "URGENT in the subject line to your scheduler? Contact She is the owner of Summit. Forward the email sent to your scheduler, change the subject line to URGENT!!! and ask if she knows another way to contact your scheduler. She likely has a phone number and can get in touch with them right away.
Glad to help. Now off I go to do some convenience stores and post office shops...have a great day!
Barbage, Today is not 01/09/2018. It is 01/08/2018. I'm not trying to be an a**. Just in case that info may help you.
Love the company that does the PO shops!!!!! I wish all of my shops were that easy!!!! smiling smiley

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I do these cool miniroutes that comprise of post offices and convenience stores...I do a post office, then do 3-5 convenience stores, then another post office, then more convenience stores, etc. They all line up perfectly. Love it when that happens with shops!
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