Five Guys shop limit?

Have you noticed a shop limit change in the month of March? Have you shopped more than one Five Guys this month?

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I did not realize there was a shop limit. I have done several this month. That might explain why my pants are getting snug!
I only do two a year so I don't know about the limits.

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I get calls all the time for these. I'm often bonused for two shops in a day or weekend so I have not seen a limit this month.

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Yes, fortunately or unfortunately, I am doing my 4th of the month today. Today's location is at one I did earlier in the month. I lost over 15 lbs. when McD's ended shopping...Yippee.May be coincidence, but I would like to think that was the reason for my weight loss. I eat healthy otherwise. 5 Guys doesn't seem to add the pounds as much as Mickey D's did. I have a huge appetite and would eat both meals at Mickey D's...yuck. I don't eat many fries though. BTW, I am not overweight,if that's what y'all are thinking...I just love to eat.

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I do not think there is a limit, I do those shops constantly. They seem to have fixed rotations and although the bonuses are not easy to get, I am glad they increased the amount of reimbursement this year (after Five Guys raised prices on their food).
the guy who called me wednesday got me to take on 2 of them. ordered a little hamburger in a lettuce wrap with a little fry yesterday in which i only ate a few. wasn’t filling or fun, but it’ll pay, and my health won’t, so that’s what counts. tomorrow i’ll probably get a blt... you can get extra bacon free of charge by the way.
I know that when they have more shoppers in my area sign up, my limit goes down accordingly. Same with the gas stations. There have been chunks of time when I could see all stations and they weren't limited to 5. I could draw on a graph when new shoppers show up and then drop out. So much for appreciation and dedication for a shopper who made one 5 Guys mistake recently, none in the past, never flakes and is never late. Sooooo, when I can see all of the shops I know they don't have enough shoppers so I wait until they call and they will pay handsomely for my dedication and devotion.
The MSC loves their algorithms and trying to streamline every process to benefit their bottom line. This makes keeping up effective strategies somewhat challenging. But I've noticed when I get an overseas call for one of these shops, I push the $ on the phone, typically hanging up without an agreement. I go online, submit an offer and it's accepted immediately.

Evaluating and mailing packages since 1994
I recently screwed up one of my Five Guys shops and now can't see any of these shops on the Job Board. I was really tired when entering the report and made a mess of it, so it was my fault but I had done about 10 of these successfully before then. Has anyone been put in "time out" and been able to sign up again after a time or was the change permanent?
I am sure that they are waiting until your report goes full circle and then, depending on the outcome, you will see them again. They check, as it is my understanding, that you were not recognized as the shopper and otherwise complied with the guidelines and just had an oops moment. The project manager and the client may have a discussion about it and then, depending on what you did, let you back in if you just oops on the report and not the shop itself.

eta: good luck, I'm crossing my fingers for you.

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I was put on "time out" for Five Guys in the past. I didn't have issues with a report but I am pretty sure they figured out I was a shopper. I didn't see any Five Guys on my job board. I think I may have contacted the Help Desk about it and never heard back from them. A few months later they were back.
It seems like this MSC is quick to de-activate shoppers so I would just wait it out.
The shop was approved so it was ok I guess. The main issue was my narratives were contradictory since like I said I was really tired when I entered it in a hurry. I would rather them just exclude the report than remove me as a shopper for the client all together!
A few years ago I got calls from desperate schedulers who begged me to do shops in the intercity where shoppers did not know the situation they were getting into drove past the shop and kept on going to shop another day.

I got suspended and was reinstated when the misunderstanding about working too many shops close together was resolved. I did not ask for the jobs. I would not do the jobs unless the MSC was desperate and giving "combat pay" in addition to the regular fee.

Having been trained by law enforcement to work in that area I dressed the part, got into my old vehicle that was not worth stealing and did the shops without incident unless you consider being asked if I was buying or selling drugs or being asked if I had any spare coin, or asked by toothless "ladies" if I would like to "play" for the price of a fix.

All of the jobs were at the request of desperate schedulers who were flaked because they did not tell shoppers there was an element of risk. The MSC does not do that client in New Jersey anymore. and I miss it only because it was Halloween every time I did the shop and I appeared to be way below my REAL economic demographic.

The very next shop I did could have been in a high end mall where I had to go home, change clothes, vehicles and attitude and was allowed to test drive high end cars and preview trays of high end jewelry. The holiday I was celebrating in both shops was APRIL FOOLS DAY. The opposite was true. employees who were working on commission would not serve shoppers who did not appear to be affluent enough to shop there.

I am sure there are a lot of shoppers who go out there dresses like the shoppers at the location. They drive vehicles that look like they belong in the street or malls and interact with the employees like they were born into the demographics they are faking.

And when the envelope is opened (you get paid for the shop) it is like receiving the award for the finest performance. Really, don't you get a smile on your face knowing "THEY", the people who bought your performance hook line and sinker had no idea you were playing a performance.

Am I having so much fun I would do it for FREE? Some MSC's do not understand you are a business person with expenses. This entrepreneur will NOT do it for free no matter how much fun I am having. .

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canadianghetto 6y New
I recently screwed up one of my Five Guys shops and now can't see any of these shops on the Job Board. I was really tired when entering the report and made a mess of it, so it was my fault but I had done about 10 of these successfully before then. Has anyone been put in "time out" and been able to sign up again after a time or was the change permanent?

yup, was removed for almost a year. I thought the client didn't do the shops any more and that's why I couldn't see them. Ran into a fellow shopper who was still doing them so I knew I was booted. I emailed them and I am back on board now.
I am on my second shop for April with in 7 day window for the same location but different shop time. In the last year I have done 12 most of them for the Dinner time. Except for the first shop I applied for in this area was because they just open in that town and three hour drive is worth the shop. PS I do get a bonus to do this shop and I wait till the call or it comes up on there web site as make offer. I do not get everyone but I general just get an email that i was awarded the shop with in the hour.
Yes, I was in time out for cancelling 5 guys shops awhile back, but after a month or 2 I was back on the wagon chomping away at pure deliciousness!!
macco455 " I was back on the wagon chomping away at pure deliciousness!!"

Did this happen without contacting the msc? My time out has lasted 35 days so far.

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i used to do 2-3 Five Guys Shops in a weekend my Cholesterol started to go up a lot so I told them I was not going to do anymore I have lost 12 pounds so far. I do still stop at 5 guys on my own dime. The secret for 5G is to wait for them to call you I would get between 14-20 bucks for each shop.
My waist line limits me to one per month.

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Im brand new to the MSC that offers these, but I have 2 this month, and there were some others available.

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@komondor wrote:

I do still stop at 5 guys on my own dime.

Why the heck would you do that? Five Guys makes good burgers, but they're so overpriced I would never shop there if I wasn't getting paid and reimbursed for it. I can get a burger that's just as good or better for half the price from a dozen other places.
I think the MSC who used to carry it have lost it as a client. I used to do a number of them a month.

But they are indeed over priced although my children felt they were better because they were cooked fresh and not frozen. They also did not have any additives. The customer had to add the toppings.
I saw several FG locations posted when I looked at the MSC's job board today. They still have the client.
@risinghorizon wrote:

At least in my area, they are no longer shopped. I know that for sure.

They are still shopped by the same MSC that has had them for the last four years (probably longer, but I only started mystery shopping four years ago) in Toronto, and surrounding area. If you are still in Toronto than you are just not seeing them.

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