Confero movie concession shops

I've got one of these scheduled for today and I have a concern. The input form gives a time frame of after 12 pm. I have to be there at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the movie. The movie I want to see has a time of 12:05. Would this be okay even though I would need to be there by 11:35? Or do I need to look for a later time (the next one is at 3:05)? I sent a question to the scheduler but I don't know if she'll get back to me in time.

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not sure with conferos. To be safe I would have done the 3:05 one but On a similar shop with a different MSP it was always the start time had to be after such and such not when you get there.

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I think these are likely some of the best movie theater shops out there (although HS Brands have some that are a close second). What I notice on these special Confero ones aside from seeing them for the first time of this type is that they are not on the job board -- only can click via the posting email to see the list. Not that they weren't taken quickly anyway.
Could I bring a guest who is under 21? I am confused because the shopper has to be 21 but my husband does not want to go to the movies.
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