Scheduler mistake and shop rejected... Until when should I push?

So, I got my first shop rejected after a year in the gig... I received an e-mail that the situation that I was before should've merit to stop the assignment and call the scheduler. I took out the instructions and said that it never said that... The scheduler then sent me another set of instructions (different from the one that I had and the only one that was available at the platform) where it did specify that.. I told the scheduler that those instructions were never in the plaform... We go back and forth with them telling me the supposed location of the instructions and me sending them screenshots that they were not in those places... In the end, they got tired of me and said that "I couldn't see them because of my web browser (BS, I had done that shop before), but to not make the discussion longer, they would give me half the pay...

I think I caught the scheduler making a mistake and they didn't upload the correct instructions to the shop so, the scheduler wants me to accept half the pay while accepting responsibility... At this point it's not that much about the money but the point that the scheduler is trying to blame me in the official e-mails on purpose (or so I felt) and they just threw the money so that I would be quiet...

Should I pursue it further? I'm just angry that I have to accept responsibility to get at least half the pay... I'm also angry that if I pursue it furhter it will piss my scheduler (more)....

grrrr... what would you do? (or have done)

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It's your name in the industry. I would make sure that I was proven right, as a result.

Schedulers sometimes really are harsh toward shoppers, and on one hand, I understand: some shoppers are pretty flaky. But if they look at history, etc., they should really cut a break.
I think you should stand your ground and not take responsibility..if it truly wasn't in the guidelines.
how many times have they done this to other shoppers.
..have you spoken to anyone other than the scheduler....

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses..

I didn't bother to pursue it but I did 5 shops for a new to me company a few months back..they rejected 3 shops due to not getting a business card..nowhere in the guidelines did it state this was required...I deactivated myself immediately...not putting up with falsified me it isn't worth the battle..

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It really comes down to if you wish to continue working for that msp and if you feel a further fight for full pay will make it less likely for you to get future work with that msp if you even want to continue to work with that msp. You may have for fighting to this point already harmed your chance at future work the most you could and thus pushing more won't do any more damage so why not fight for it. Or you may have not harmed it to the max and pushing for full pay could damage the relationship more. If the money is not an issue like you said then perhaps accept the half pay with a statement that even thou the guidelines did not indicate it you will take the half pay. You could also see if you could do a reshop to perhaps mend the relationship. Another thing to remember is schedulers jump from msp to msp and/or work for multiple msps at one time. A big part of this business is dealing with instances like this and keeping your clients happy. This is not to say that you should not fight for what is fair.

A good example is a regular shop I used to do. I negotiated a pay rate of $50 and was guaranteed the shop at that rate every month. Then one month I did not get the shop assigned. I asked what was up and was told I needed to take a one month break due to rotation the client wanted. I could do 3 months in a row then needed to take a month off. Well the following month they wanted to give it to me not at the $50 rate but at $45 which is what was the starting rate prior to my negotiation and a contractual agreement. Now I could fight and say I had a contractual agreement at $50 where they would say no more and I would not get the shops or take guaranteed income of $45 for 9 months of the year. I could A: Take the guaranteed income of $405 a year plus other shops with the msp that may come along or B: fight and end up not only losing the contract but lose any other future work with this msp. I took a few months break and accepted this job at $45 the last few months. I still have a good working relationship despite being screwed out of a negotiated contract as the fight was not worth it.

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You guys are much better than I am. If I am screwed, I cut my losses and leave. I could care less to obtain more business from the same company that knowingly and willingly screwed me (just so in the back of my mind I will be wondering when I will be screwed again).

To me, trust and respect in business are critical. I will try everything to work things out but, if I know I am right without a shadow of doubt and still get screwed, I am gone.

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@aldoman My advice would be to take this issue up the chain. What you’ve described is a process failure with the wrong guidelines being uploaded for shoppers. You’re unlikely the only shopper who encountered this issue. Your shop was rejected because it cannot be used, meaning the MSC can’t get paid for it. MSC’s don’t want to reject shops because it costs them money. When shops are rejected due to an internal problem such as this, they want to get it fixed. Unfortunately, until someone brings it to the attention of the person in charge, they don’t know that their process failed. Schedulers and editors rarely have the time to research issues they may only see on a small percentage of shops, and often, the business leadership never finds out unless a shopper brings it to their attention.
That said, I had to read your post three times to understand what the problem was. If this is indicative of your written communication, you may want to put some effort into how you word your email, if you decide to send one higher. Brief correspondence that clearly states the problem and can be understood in one reading will get results. No, you may not get full pay, but you can help them improve their process so this issue doesn’t come up as often.
I completely agree with Ark, Dawn and Jill, as becoming a doormat can be habit forming. Life has taught me that if you permit anyone to screw you once, they will know you are a mark and return for another try.

The above is merely my opinion and not in any manner to be misconstrued as a criticism to folks willing to accept being the target of another's position.
Apparently, they do not like being reminded of their error. As a human, you can appeal this thing all the way to SCOTUS or whatever applies where you live. As a mystery shopper, do you want to make this one situation so noticeable that you lose anonymity?

Now that some time has passed, you might have additional options to consider.

You might thank them for this consideration. You could state that you understand that two versions of guidelines might have existed even though you do not now how that condition came to be. If you are brave, clever, calmed down, and/or a wordsmith, you might also ask them if the information that you have would be of assistance to them as they work to correct the glitch or other problem that resulted in multiple versions of guidelines for one shop. After all, your other work has been accepted and you have worked with the company for some time.

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@TroyHawkins wrote:

That said, I had to read your post three times to understand what the problem was.

You're better than I am. I read it once and it was too long to read again to actually understand. It seems the OP might have received outdated guidelines? If that is the case I would definitely take it up the food chain. With a more concise email.

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Aldoman, What company was the business card needed? One of the banking companies that I shop for has always asked for a business card or ATM receipt, or withdrawal and deposit receipt. I have shopped 2000 banks and all require a business card.
If the MSP deceives and lies to you, why stay? They are not the type of company you should be contracting with and there are plenty of reputable ones out there. One tip, download your guidelines and if you can the questionnaire so you have proof. Additionally, at the end of the shop, make a copy of your report and save it. that way you have everything you need if you have to battle some idiot who thinks they can pull the wool over your face. I am a professional medical massage therapist and was shafted by an MSP who does massage shops and I am sure you guys know who they are. The owner was a liar and a thief. I left and I am pretty sure I told this forum about them. I have left five MSPs so far because they were not upstanding companies. I refuse to work for liars and thieves. I will get off my high horse now. Sorry for the rant. Hope it helped. smiling smiley
I completely agree with Scott. Once I've been screwed it does make it hard to really trust these people again. I left about 5 Companies as well. The fact that the whole industry is paying less, not more as it should be with more experience, ( I know there will be some of you with stories about how you negotiate your own pay or you schedule multiple jobs near one another so you do get a good rate). I have been a shopper on and off for over 13 years. I have watched the narratives become longer, and most work that used to be submitted by hand just get so much more complicated and difficult with websites that have glitches that often can't be fixed for a weekend shop. When I've done a lot of work for one company it's even harder to sit by after being screwed. I am always a bit surprised when you have worked for a company for a long time, and then have some weird issue come up where you can't be paid, (with me it has almost always been a website glitch) and the company would rather lose you than give you the $10.00 or $15.00 they owe you. I also have companies I like a lot but when they want me to cover a restaurant with all out of pocket for me, and a 2 month reimbursement, I'm just not willing to do that anymore. Also these companies that expect you to go in and purchase something often on Retail me not ( and no I'm not thinking pack of gum) that they will not reimburse you for, just give you a small fee. I guess you are supposed to be grateful you get to buy the purchase at a reduced rate, but anyone can download a retailmenot app and get that discount without working for it where you have to do narratives and yes/no answers for a measly $5.00. I guess there are some people desperate enough to do that but it makes it harder for all of us trying to actually do this to supplement our income.

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I agree with all of the viewpoints because it depends on your financial situation and how much "crow" you have to swallow in order to appease the editors and schedulers. Sometimes you take the rejection to continue getting work and sometimes you let them have all you got if you are never planning on working with them again.If you expect never to work with them again then take them to small claims court if you have enough wrongful rejections. Also when posting in this forum I would try not to use any identities that could look like the userid's you use with the MSCs.

As an off the subject comment, I wonder if we can mention the names of the offending editors or schedulers as long as we do not identify the MSC or client of the MSC. That way when they bounce to another company you can be prepared for their nonsense.

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Call me crazy but I print out my guidelines. I have this as my proof. There was a situation where the famous donation store had the wrong guidelines. It called for the employment scenario but I knew there was no employment center in that store. I performed the shop as a donation shop and I was paid because the scheduler said I made the right call (it was the weekend and nobody could be contacted) because the wrong guidelines were attached to the shop. smiling smiley
I did a shop earlier this year where it was a $65 reimbursement and a $450 fee.

When my payment arrived, it was sans $65 reimbursement.

It was something I would never have bought otherwise; something that could not be resold, and something I had no use for.

I asked where my $65 reimbursement was.

They said I agreed to do the shop for the $450 fee only.

Nope. Did not. Guidelines CLEARLY stated the $65 reimbursement.

I copied the guidelines and sent it to them with this question: "So, what I'm seeing is the contract binds ME, but not YOU?"

I got my $65. And a very, very nice apology.

you always look at your instructions to see if there are any last minute changes. And if you can't do it, let them know right away so they can find backups.
I had a similar experience. I had been assigned two phone shops. One had a link for recording it but it was not to be recorded. I did not record it and it was accepted, and I got paid for it. The other had no instructions about recording it and no link for recording it. The editor would not accept it. She or he insisted that the instructions said I was supposed to record it. I went back to the instructions and found no such requirement. I emailed the editor but got no where. I decided to just let this drop because it was not worth getting all hot and bothered about a five dollar phone shop, but I have not accepted any more phone shops with this company.

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