What are some funny or out of the ordinary things that have happened while shopping?

The Blizzard cup was turned upside down by the employee and the ingredients slid right out and splattered.
Employee at one of the DIY project stores offered to come and install my toilet on the sly.

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I got a glass of water at a restaurant. When I picked up my glass, I saw black stuff all up and down the side; inside and out. It was disgusting and turned my stomach, literally. I've never seen such filth get set down on a table before (crud between fork tines, sure. Floatie in the water...okay. Not this...)

I pointed it out to my server, who told me word for word, "It's your fault. It looks like tobacco and you must chew and you got it on the glass." She refused to replace the water. She refused to move the glass from the table. I put it on the next table over (empty table) and it sat there the whole meal. She told me a second time later on that it was my fault. I have no idea what in the world she thought I was doing. Maybe she thought I was someone else who she had a vendetta against. IDK. EVEN IF it was my fault....I'm sorry, just get me a new glass, please. I mean, even when stuff IS the customer's fault at places, the staff usually fixes it for the customer....

I think she was trying to say that she would not have brought a glass out like that. But she did. I was not chewing tobacco. I never have chewed tobacco (okay...once in college on a dare). I did not get black stuff on that water glass.

I went back to the restaurant a week or so later and again within a month. And have gone back several times over the last couple of years. Never since have I seen that server again
I have had employees confide in me a bit too much, usually about how poorly their store is run or about the incompetency of their boss.
^ Ditto

I pulled, overhauled and reinstalled the engine on my VW Microbus when I was 16. In short, I know how to work on cars. Plus I'm a girl, kind of girly too. I completed a car shop, chose a bad A$$ muscle car, and the salesman wouldn't open the hood (that I REALLY wanted to see). He said "We'll just wait until your husband gets here for that." I almost peed my pants not trying to laugh.
Oh my, I had that happen at a shoe store. The two employees that were helping me got into a conversation about the new job they were applying and looking for.
I had forgotten this, it happened long ago....I went to a popular place for lunch on a shop. The WAITRESS was definitely flirting with me (OMG). I've been alone and dating way too long and know a flirt when I see one.
She asked me where I live, and next time I come in to ask for her table, blah blah bla, I didn't put it in the report,
but being from San Francisco I'm savvy to the ways.....was not a happy shopper. Quite some time later, I saw her in a bank, turned around and left. Through the years, I really had not had anything crazy, but am a careful shopper as to the area's I go too, if it's a bit dangerous or dirty, I'll pass. Call me snobby, or call me careful, I call myself safe.

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Just did a shop a couple days ago in a restaurant. Not quick service, not table service. You go up to order; they bring you the food and check back on you, clear tables, etc.

While sitting there eating, everyone in the restaurant jumped a foot out of their seats to the loud metallic sound and the person behind the counter shrieking.

Apparently, the heavy duty meat/food slicers that are used in restaurants had malfunctioned (pretty sure a part broke off) and had fallen off the counter. The staff gathered round the person operating it to make sure she was okay. The manager kept saying, "All that matters is that you're okay." Then I heard the manager say, "This keeps happening...happened yesterday...."

I put that ^^^ in my report. Someone needs to make sure that the store gets a new machine and/or that the employees follow whatever safety standards they are supposed to follow
I was doing and audio and video recorded new home shop. I met the target. she then excused herself. She returned with a colleague. She then told me, in a whisper loud enough to come through perfectly on the recording, "By the time that your new house would be ready for closing, I will be at a different job. My boss would fire me if he knew that. But it seems only fair that you should have the same agent for the whole purchase." I just cringed, but the show had to go on.

On a lighter note, when at a different new home shop, the agent closed for the sale. I stated that I was the sort of person who had to sleep on any big decision. He replied, without missing a beat, "The master bedroom is down the hall. Just lock the door and take a nice nap. I will be here when you are ready." The video editor said she near spat her coffee out all over the keyboard when she heard that.

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Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
I once did a chicken shop where the place had some sort of issue in the kitchen (I waited almost an hour for my order to be filled). There were about a dozen customers or so and they were on the brink of rioting. I was not able to demand my money back and leave like some customers finally did because I was on the job. The funny thing was I did another job for the same brand chicken shop located 1 mile down the road after I had finished with the first one and there was no crowd at the second store. The whole experience at the first store was so surreal that the MSC had to call me to confirm what I had reported.
I shopped a bank next door to the bank I should have shopped. When I had finished my shop the banker asked if I wanted to open an account with $%##$&**. I smiled, left and went next door where I should have been.
Just last weekend the cashier at a gas station said, "Your dollar was declined." I think (hope!) she was joking, but as I'm easily 30 years older than she was, I really didn't think it was funny or appropriate. (Actually, I DID think it was funny, but not at all appropriate for the workplace). Anyway, I just told her it was not and she said OK and gave me my change. I got to thinking later that maybe she was saying this to all us "old" customers in the hopes that one might say "Oh, here, try this one" without taking the old one back. She could be pocketing a lot of money.

At another gas station ten years ago, a cashier stormed around the gas pump and accused me of being a terrorist trying to blow up the place and said she was going to call the cops. I told her that if she felt it was necessary to go ahead and call the police as I was thinking to myself that blowing the place up would be an improvement as the place was in extremely poor condition. I drove across the street to take the pics and never returned to the location.
I had a mattress salesman tell me that I should not buy the expensive well-known mattress because they were "too expensive and over-rated!" tongue sticking out smiley I had to report this back to the client.
The manager stood in one spot during the entire two hours we spent dining. He spoke to no one. Just stood there looking at people and staff expressionless. Four months later, he walked all over the dining room looking at occupied and newly departed tables. Once in awhile he would pick up a dirty plate and walk with it into the kitchen.
The server provided a business card. As we waited for the check to be returned, we noticed writing on the other side. Apparently, a recent patron was enamored with her. It was a handwritten note inviting her out for a drink along with the guy's phone number. She laughed when we brought it to her attention.
I was conducting a late-night dinner observation at a local 24-hour sit-down restaurant. In the middle of our meal, our server runs outside and hops on the back of a motorcycle. She and the driver leave for about 15 minutes. When she returned, she said that her boyfriend had just bought a new bike and they were so stoked. I just observed and reported.
That happened to me too, but in my case I was at a store that had already lost the overpriced mattress brand. (Not sure why the MSC still had the store in their system.)
@SunnyDays2 wrote:

I had a mattress salesman tell me that I should not buy the expensive well-known mattress because they were "too expensive and over-rated!" tongue sticking out smiley I had to report this back to the client.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
I read your second anecdote, and realized that I have a similar and even wilder story. I was doing a mattress shop (probably the same one others have been talking about). She had me try the beds (and I had settled on my "favorite" as required by the scenario) and she had offered me a pillow to try as well, as she was supposed to do. I told the saleswoman that I wanted to go home and get my own pillow, and since it was late, that I would come back tomorrow when she was working to try my pillow on the bed I liked. That had worked well as an excuse not to buy immediately on many previous shops. But this time, she smiled, and said, "You're right. It is almost closing time. Wait another 15 minutes and the pillow and I will both go home with you. You can bring us and your own pillow back in the morning."
@walesmaven wrote:

On a lighter note, when at a different new home shop, the agent closed for the sale. I stated that I was the sort of person who had to sleep on any big decision. He replied, without missing a beat, "The master bedroom is down the hall. Just lock the door and take a nice nap. I will be here when you are ready." The video editor said she near spat her coffee out all over the keyboard when she heard that.

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Busboy offered to hook-up later with me and my partner (another female). That's probably my most memorable one in 20 years.

ETA: Oh yeah, one time in South Beach, some guy grabbed my behind as I was sitting at the bar. Security came out of nowhere and escorted him out. I hadn't seen them at all, but they were watching me on camera apparently. (I declined that hook-up later LOL).

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Doing my bar audit, the bartender became very friendly and decided to tell me about his wife's mental condition.
He was distraught talking about her, timings were all off, he gave me a free drink, the whole job was a big mess.
I was helped by the MSC who called personally and listened to what happened, I got paid, but only because I
had built a good relationship and maintained a 10....now I'm afraid to do it again.

HAPPINESS true happiness is an inner thing.....
I had a roadside assistance shop where I had to play dumb and say my car wouldn't start and I thought the battery was dead. The jump start guy had me turn the ignition key just far enough to get my mileage to display, leaned in my drivers side door (where I was sitting), and proceeded to try to get the information from up my mini skirt rather than that displayed on my dashboard. The MSC scheduler apologized after I noted this in my report in response to being asked if and why I would/would not use the specific service provider again. But I would happily complete the shop again smiling smiley
Not too long ago I had an auto service shop where the service professional was very nice, helpful, and friendly. When he didn't have other clients to attend to, he swung around to check in on me and chat while I sat in the waiting area while my car was being worked on. I always appreciate personalized service and am more inclined to frequent a business with employees that take an interest in me and attempt to build a rapport.
Innocent enough, right?
Well, just a short time later as I'm finishing my report, I get a text on my phone from a number that I didn't recognize. I had a mishap a few months back and lost a lot of numbers, so I didn't think much of it and asked who it was. Y'all are smart folks, you've already got this figured out. Yeah. Service guy. (Who, might I add, had been wearing a wedding band :/ )
Good thing I hadn't finished my report yet, eh? Yeesh.
Ugh, what a creep! Not sure I would've been able to stop my reflex to break his nose before my brain told my arm that I was on a job...

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I get it. But I'm jaded due to slinging drinks to drunks at bars. I thought it was funny because he was so obvious. He stretched his neck like a turtle.
I was sitting in my car inputting a report when *tap*tap*tap* on my window. It was some random guy inviting me to come watch (*adult movies*) with him at his apartment across the street. I declined. That was only a few weeks ago.
Today I was doing a purchase/return shoe shop at the mall. When it came time to buy the associate told me their card system was down. He proceeded to write out a charge slip, call the company for an authorization code, and run my card with a 'knuckle buster' machine. It took forever.

Even worse was when I went to return. Associate explained that until the system was fixed I had to go to another branch of the store! Left a message for the scheduler to see what I should do.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
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