Where have all the Papa John's shops gone- ----long time passing ?

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I still get emails about them. These are franchises so that might be the reason some are gone.
I got stiffed by another MSC for over $140 and so the pizza shop has left a bad taste in my mouth. tongue sticking out smiley I have done a few with another MSC and I think I lost my love for this shop.
The company that has them now does a decent bonus in my area - usually anywhere from $5-$25 depending on the location. Even though we moved, I'm still between three states and four or five counties I can get to in a half hour drive. I love when I can get a Kroger, a Papa Johns, and an Arbys all in a short trip.

I still see them but, not as many locations. When the company that owes everyone money was around 15 shops were listed. Now 4-5 are listed and 2 require an armed escort.
I still see them few locations in my general travel area

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No matter what time I go for a carry out, they're never busy these days. And still pulling the same trick of adding on extra topping that were not ordered. At 12:30 pm (lunch rush) I was order #2. Don't think the company will be around long. But I feel bad for the franchisees that have invested their life. All to be ruined by an idiot leader and a mediocre product.

The last one I did was in a "high rent" tourist-destination area.

The reimbursement didn't cover the price of the simple two-topping pizza I was required to order. It was well over $20 for a carry-out order of ONE pizza.

Never again.

The pizza's not worth going out of pocket for.
I received a e-mail asking if I can do one for a bonus. I said I would love to but the last time I did one my shop was rejected because of the pictures even through we took 5 good pictures. My family and I thought they were good pictures

She has not reply back.
The are still done in my area.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
Lots of shops in my area, mostly carry out. They seem to take a long time to fill. Personally, I don't really care for the pizza, something about that sweet sauce and gummy crust doesn't work for me. I wait for the bonuses to go up to $25 before I'm interested, then double bake them after the photos.

proudly shopping in the D.
I never thought of that! Details of temp and time please.
@PaulinMI wrote:

then double bake them after the photos.

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@KathyG, 450 for about 7-10 minutes works for me, unless you really preheat the oven for 15 min or so. Then knock off a few minutes. Maybe a couple more minutes if I add some extra toppings. I like to add jalapenos.

Edit to add p.s., I'm sure this comment isn't necessary, but remove the pizza from the box before double baking at this temp. Lord, I hate this environment of implied liability.

proudly shopping in the D.

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They were around this month in my area, but I have been getting emails over the last few days saying that they are not coming back in January. Not sure if that is with both MSCs or just one.

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Why have I never seen them in Canada?? Some of the competition comes up in Canada. Never seen a Papa Johns.
I see them all the time in Alberta.

@ddp2008 wrote:

Why have I never seen them in Canada?? Some of the competition comes up in Canada. Never seen a Papa Johns.
You are not registered with the right company. They are shopped in Canada. I've shopped them once. (First and only rejected shop in over 4 years of shopping).

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
I used to do them every month, but I haven't seen any in my area since last August. I am wondering if the owner of those locations in my area opted out of MS or something?
still around, but people take them for $0 - $7 now.

2017, I still got $25 to do Papa John's....not since them changed to the new MSC.....this MSC doesn't bonus them that high anymore and people take them for super cheap and take them quickly it seems.
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