President's Day Holiday= Possible blackout day for shoppers (check with your scheduler)

The retail traffic has been very high not just over this weekend, but for today as well due to the President's Day holiday. While finishing with a retailer that wanted their stores specifically shopped for today, I pulled into one big box store and noticed their massive parking lot full of vehicles as if it were Black Friday.

I contacted my scheduler immediately, of which she indicated that this may be a blackout day. I had a multiple interactions scheduled today within this store, yet decided to return tomorrow since the MSC client did not specify to shop on a potential black out day.

More importantly, I didn't want the MSC client to reject my shop! The interactions that I've had earlier today have been "interesting", to say the least. Hope that everyone checks with your scheduler just in case, especially those on the west coast.

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Not just mystery shoppers were affected. Hubby and I talked about buying a Groupon for lunch. When I read the fine print, I found out it wasn't good on Government holidays.

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Did you mean Washington's Birthday? []
No government holiday named "President's Day."

But yes, assumed today was blacked out and scheduled everything for later in the week. Enjoyed a quiet day with the family.

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I performed 7 jobs on this day with no problem. I enjoyed the lack of traffic and got finished with my work quicker.

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I actually thought that Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday had been "merged" into President's day, but your post made me look. The official name in section 6103(a) of title 5 of the United States Code is Washington's Birthday. Here is a link to the Office of Personnel Management website: []
@iShop123 wrote:

Did you mean Washington's Birthday? []
No government holiday named "President's Day."

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