What was the strangest mystery shop you ever had to do?

@LolaPurple wrote:

I've had to buy stolen goods from a cookie thief.

Okay. Please elaborate?!?

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MCP has them in my area, and they are the kind that truck driver's might frequent and the stores have a masculine sounding name. The scheduler puts "Fun and Easy" in the subject line. Eh, gross. KSS schedules these shops.

@quovatis wrote:

haha What MSC has adult stores? I've never seen those.

They are easy, and when I get home it is a lot of fun.......

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I did the same shop (and they are still available). The Banker found all the original paperwork (signature cards, copy of my ID, etc.) online and the original bankers' notes. The branch manager came over. It was not possible to plausibly deny that I had opened the account. I said something to the effect of "must have forgotten". I reported exactly what happened, and I got paid. I have declined to do another one even remotely like this one.
@quovatis wrote:

The most awkward shop I did was going in-person to a bank and telling them an account I opened was unauthorized. What was supposed to happen is the banker simply tells me to call a number and I leave. But the banker I got was particularly thorough, and she investigated the case in front of me. She pulled up my signature from when I opened the account and compared it to my drivers license and commented that it matched perfectly (and showed this to me on the computer). The banker got on the phone and explained her findings and was digging deeper. I feigned getting a text, and told the banker I had a family emergency and had to leave immediately. It worked, and I was given the number to call and got paid, but I'm not doing that again. I got letters in the mail from the bank about my inquiry, even though in the follow-up phone call I revealed myself and they were supposed to clear all the complaints.

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I take care of signing my spouse up for shops (as well as my own). Anyways, I saw a body shaping shop and thought awesome - he can go take a fitness class for free! Signed him up. He gets the instructions and well, let's just say that no matter how awesome the pay was, he will never, ever do a body shaping shop again. It was for liposuction, and it hurt the ego just a bit. I believe the exact words as he stood in front of the mirror were, 'We can definitely help you out."
That made me laugh.

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A very small parking garage that I do a parking shop at has about 20 spaces and a woman sitting at a small desk at the entrance. When I arrived she asked me where I was going.This lady knows the ins and outs of everyone in the bdlg including patients evidently. I made up a first name and she told me she knows her and was going to call her and let her know I was there...so I had to do some quick maneuvering around that situation. Then when I came back to get my car I saw large groups of people gathered across the street from the building. They had a bomb scare going on.
I did one of the wire fraud, lets bribe the employee, shop. Ugh. I'm sure a big neon G was plastered on my forehead.
I had to act like a frustrated caller for a drug company. I had to act frustrated and angry. The lady on the other side was so nice, I felt guilty and ashamed after finishing up the call. I felt like such a jerk.
I had to cut in the checkout line at a store and throw down a $10 bill for a $5 item and say I don't have time to wait, keep the change and see what the cashier's response was as I quickly walked out of the store with the item. I did have a LOA in case security was called, but nothing of that sort happened. He didn't come after me or call out. It was targeted for a specific date and time, so I assume that they suspected that particular employee of pocketing cash.
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