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Ladies and gentlemen for a while all the shooing I can do will need to be phone call shops because our car die Saturday and how long it will take to fix or replace it is anyone guess. But in the main time I still need to keep working so can you tell what MSC offer phone shops . Maybe you know of another way I can help my family out until we can have wheels again. Thanks for any tips you can give me.

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Hi, Alieda. I'm sorry to hear about your car troubles. I've been there, and it's rough. Shoppers' View has phone shops available every month. Most are assigned right now because we're wrapping up the month, but June's shops will be posted soon. You can register with us at I hope you can get your car repaired soon!

Edited to add: in case you don't know, here's the best way to search our Job Board for phone shops:

Once you're registered, from your shopper log, click on Job Board at the top of your screen. Expand your radius out to 999 mi. Click on 'Additional filters'; this will make a 'Project type' drop-down menu appear. From that drop-down menu, select 'Phone'. Click search. This will show all the phone shops posted in the country.

I would apply for the ones closest to you first (for some projects preference is given to shopper local to region), but do not hesitate to apply for those across the country either. I find it easier to look at the list under the map for phone shops. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help!

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Bestmark offers 3 phone shops daily. Try Intellishop too. I hope your car troubles will soon be over.
You could shop on the road travel routes that pay you enough bonus for car rental. You could do video shops to increase your per shop average pay.
Mum thanks for the tips , I have be doing BestMark phone shops for a while that how I know you could find some. I AZ I had never though about road travel and renting a car. But it maybe a answer to how we get my hubby to Wichita on the 11 of June if need be for his checkmup at the VA,
@alieda Completely off topic, but since you mentioned it in your last post, I'll bring up the VA. Aside from your car troubles, getting your hubby to the VA shouldn't be added stress for you. Contact your local DAV, VFW, etc or even the VA hospital/clinic themselves to get a ride for your hubby.

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Jenny thank you so much , I do remember that VA doing this over 25 years ago for his dad but I did not know they still did it. Thanks, So since he goes to the VA uin Wihcita we should call them
Absolutely! My brother works for the VA and this is one of the biggest problems that they had to deal with when that big scandal happened years ago. I would start with the VA location itself first, if they can't personally do it, they will hook you up with someone that can.

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Remington Evaluations offers phone shops. Also, check Reality Based Group.

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I thank you for all these tips so far I have ask for some jobs from Realrty t base ands Shopper's view. I willlet you know what happenes. AlsoJenny does the Vet need a certain lelver. Do be able to get a road or is it for any one. The reason I ask Lannie said his dad get the ride becase it was a idable Vet he devope lungs problem during his WW2 service. Lannie is not but a level 5

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I'm not really sure @Alieda but I don't think they're going to care about a level if he needs to get there. Just give them a call, I'm sure it will work out, one way or another. Good luck!

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