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I'm not sure what company this is exactly, but I did a number of shops for them last year that involved pay and reimbursement for food and never had an issue getting paid. This year, however, I did shops in January and February and am owed $120 in pay and $88.66 in reimbursement and the scheduler, who authorizes the payments, has ignored my emails. Does anyone know of a way I can contact the company? TIA

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“” brought me to ... nothing. You don’t know the company name?

I’m afraid we may need more information from you before we can tell you whom to call...

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You wouldn't happen to mean ISS as an acronym for iSecretShop? If so, iSecretShop is a scheduling platform, not an MSC. So, more details if anyone on the Forum is going to be able to advise you.

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Yes, it took me to nothing, too. His email address ends in I got hired for the gig (7-10 shops a month at different locations of this chain) back in March 2018 and never had an issue being paid via PayPal. I found them off one of the multi-company job boards (the one you have to pay for after a while).

Good news is that I finally got partial payment yesterday after I emailed his assistant (who I used to have to email my receipt to) and said that my husband is an attorney and wasn't too happy that I wasn't paid or reimbursed. In the note, he apologized for the lack of communication and said he would get the payment to me as soon as he can." It says paid by "Satisfaction Services Corporation." So I'm guessing it's Satisfaction Services Inc, which is what I was originally thinking, but their email address on their website doesn't end in The mystery continues, but hopefully, I'll get paid the rest and be done with them.
Just out of curiousity I put that domain into my email and saw I had been recruited about a year ago by Summit Scheduling to do optical shops for them -- it's Service Solutions Inc (and have nothing to do with Satisfaction Services Inc who are a good MSC who have always paid me). It appears that they were the subject of a thread a few years back regarding non-payments. Thanks for the heads up -- looks like this is an MSC to avoid.
Thanks for helping to solve this! As I said, I never had a problem with them before (and actually did two of those optical shops, too), but this year, it was a disaster. I'm still new to mystery shopping (just over a year into my side hustle, soon to be only hustle).
Oh, and yet another thread. Sounds like a terrible MSC. I hope you have better experiences with other MSCs. []
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