Priority mail scam

Did anyone else get a cashiers check in a priority mail envelope? It was from a company called “Secret Shoppers” and had instructions to buy gift cards at Walmart. It was an obvious scam but my mail carrier said it was unusual in that priority mail was used. Instead of a free email or a letter costing less than a dollar, this scammer spent over six bucks to target me...

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This is a scam. Since it was mailed to you, Report it to the US Postal Inspectors. You may want to report this to the police. The scammers are getting good at forging checks and using emails that look almost like the real ones. And they generally use the name of real mystery shopping companies. Using Priority Mail helps to convince the poor souls who accept the bogus job that it is real. Trust me, even if only a small percentage of people agree, the scammers make a lot of money.

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The minute I saw a cashiers check I knew it was a scam. I tried reporting it to the police but they told me to just throw it away. I filled out the online form for the postal inspectors. Hopefully they will do something to keep this from happening to someone else.
This is what I received yesterday by priority mail and Wallmart dealing with wallmart cards.
The Federal Trade Commission is very interested in hearing about these scams as well. You can google it to get the info to report it.
I did as well and keep getting texts and emails. I told them I’m not interested and I’ll send it back what’s the address. Lol
Do we just throw the certified check away ? It was for $2400
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