Got priority mail pkg today from KSS

I didn’t sign up for this and received a check for $2400.00 that looks legit. Supposed to deposit it and do job within 3 days, which includes 2 weekend days that my bank is closed. This feels like a scam to me since I didn’t sign up for this and I get a priority mail pkg to rush thru my bank. I’m supposed to keep 500, buy two gift cards at one Walmart and two more at a different Walmart, email a copy of the receipt and cards, scratch off codes to send to them. I don’t know if I’m to mail them the cards or what. No one is answering the phone number listed in the letter. Can someone give me any advice regarding this? Thank you!

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SCAM!!! Return it to the post office for them to turn it over to the Postal Inspectors!!!

So GLAD you didn't fall for this!!!!
Do NOT deposit that check, it is fake. That is NOT from the real KSS. Your bank may not realize it's fake right away, but about 10 days later it will bounce and you will be in serious trouble!!!!! No one pays in advance for work that hasn't been completed. That's not how mystery shopping works! You sign up with a company, register a username and password on their secure site, apply for a location, then complete it via the online report on their website, then get paid a few weeks to a month later. Most shops pay about $15-$30, some more, some less.

Fake check. Total Scam. So glad you came here first! There has been another thread about this, fake checks coming from the "fake" KSS. There IS a LEGIT Company called KSS. These scammers are using the names of legit mystery shopping companies, but their emails are not the real email addresses, although they may look very similar.
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