What do you wish schedulers would do better?

I have over and over again wondered about the absolutely STUPID age limits on shops. Like back when they did Spencer's shops...I think the age limit was like 45 or something. And of course I am way older, but love shopping there for gag gifts...stupid for them to think that people over 45 don't shop there.

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Make the header provide as much critical information as possible so that I know immediately whether to open it or trash it. Most important in the header is in this order, Price, Shop Dates, Name of Business to be shopped. Most of the time, the header is all I have time to read.

If the overused and misused words "fun" or "easy" are in the header, I ignore them. If the shop were fun or easy and paid a decent amount, it would already have been taken off the job board by another shopper. My pet peeve is the email that has a ton of text in its body and a link to their job board but no mention of who the client is or what business is to be shopped.

And while we're on that subject, MF needs to put the name of the business on their jobs available page; not just the address. You should allow us to use our time shopping for you instead of making us waste that shopping time by looking up every address on Google to see what store is to be shopped. Often there are multiple stores at the same address, and I can only make an educated guess which store you want shopped. I should not have to open another slow-loading page to find out each shop is and then reopen the jobs available page and repeat the process over and over. This wasted time could be better used shopping your shops.
For MF, they need to make their links able to be opened in a new tab. Their old system you could do that. The new one you can't. So you have to back through a bunch of hoops if you're searching in an area outside of your home location.

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I delete ALL emails which say either "easy" or "fun." I would rather work with schedulers who have integrity.
Ever think maybe some shops are actually easy? The new red crustacean type seafood one has a 5 minute report and no photos, that’s easy to me
But easy and fun are subjective terms. For some people, easy and fun might describe their actual shop experiences. For others, they might fall short of the shopper's chosen terms such as hell-on-earth, soooo friggin' hard, really @#^U% irritating, etc.

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@finsfurfowl wrote:

Ever think maybe some shops are actually easy? The new red crustacean type seafood one has a 5 minute report and no photos, that’s easy to me
It seems like you are not getting enough emails. Maybe you need to sign up with more companies.
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