Schedulers Using Multiple Email Addresses

Have you come across schedulers who use email addresses with a completely different names to give the illusion that you are communicating with a different person?

I know it sounds strange....

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What???? Not to my knowledge. Not different names. Sometimes different domains for the same person, but not different names.
This is hilarious! Not even 10 minutes ago, I sent an email from my gmail account, but only because the emails kept bouncing back from my other one. Never even thought to do it until just before seeing this thread. Definitely not to be anyone else either lol.
I am aware of an infamous scheduler who has used different names: Cari Zittel, Carrie Coyle, Shawna Coyle who has also scammed shoppers and tried to scam me too. Be aware.
Yesssss...I forgot about her. I was fortunate enough to have no personal dealings with her but I do remember the threads about her now. UGH.
Yes, I have. Fortunately, I've come across very few of them.

I have also known some schedulers who have used different last names over the years due to marriage/divorce. That's understandable.

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What bothers me are the ones who use names like "scheduler for X (msc name) @ And have several of those , one for each MSC that they might schedule for. It makes them sound like employees when they are outside schedulers. I recently had to ask an MSC project manager whether or not the (highly unprofessional) scheduler who had no idea about how to find out the answers to my urgent questions, was actually an employee. Once I found out that they were not, and had not even sought the MSC's guidance concerning my question, the project manager AND the MSC's director of scheduling, and I had a serious chat about the problems that I had encountered. The managers overrode the shop rejection and promptly authorized $100 payment to me. Three days later, that was in the bank. This was VERY recent.

btw, they also told me that whenever they have a slow day, they both check the forum posts about their MSC and their major competitors.

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